Our new artist is Leesasaur! You can read her interview in this email and shop her featured items.
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Welcome Leesasaur!

Leesa Maeda

Crocheted dolls & keychains

We have a new artist at Lightning Heart! The very talented Leesasaur has joined us. She creates super cute crocheted dolls and keychains.

Leesa Maeda is the crochet artist behind Leesasaur. She was born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. She moved away for college and since then has lived in Washington and California. When she can, she goes back to Hawaii to see her family and friends.

She came up with the brand name Leesasaur because she has always felt a strong connection to reptiles. She thought that "Leesasaur" was a strong name that showed her humorous side and gave a vibe of a species with monstrous capabilities. She coined the motto: "We are happy and have nothing to envy!" This motto is behind every piece she creates; she says, “I want them to bring the maximum amount of joy they can to everyone.”

Leesa got her start in crochet about four years ago, when her friend gave her an amigurumi (or cute crochet doll) book. At first, she struggled with the concept of crochet. She says, “I'm a very visual person, and crochet in writing is very mathematical, which I am terrible at! But after watching a YouTube video on how to crochet in a round, I completed two patterns from the book, and then moved onto creating my own designs. It became extremely addicting, and I haven't stopped since!”

Leesa is inspired by just about everything! She sees the world as a place for fun, and it shows a lot in her work. She says, “I don't so much have a goal as much as I want to keep pushing myself to see how much I can do, and am just excited for wherever it takes me.”

A difficult choice but if she had to choose, Leesa would say that her favorite project was Neville, a monster piece she created based on a painting by Matthew Gray Gubler. This was the first piece she composed with wiring and also starred in her first stop-motion animation video. She says, “It was really cool bringing him to life and having this personality. Creating him and the mini film helped me see that I enjoy directing and making films for my pieces. Since then, I've filmed a couple more, but hopefully a lot more fun like that in the future.”
Red Panda Doll
Red Panda Doll
Root beer float keychain
Root Beer Float Keychain
French toast keychain
French Toast Keychain
Boom box keychain
Boom Box Keychain
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