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April 2016
Workforce e-bulletin
New Appointment to WDN
CCPS is delighted to announce the appointment of Alison Christie as Policy and Development Officer (Workforce). Alison has a background in drug, alcohol and health and social care policy. Alison will now lead across all areas of workforce development activity, with the Associate team members providing support on specific projects where required. Contact:
WDN Work Plans for 2016/17 
CCPS has been successful in securing another year’s Scottish Government grant funding to continue its work supporting workforce development within voluntary sector social services.
Read more
Benchmarking Survey 2015 - Executive Summary published 
Thirty four organisations covering 25,180 employees from the voluntary sector took part in this most recent survey. An Executive Summary has just been published that provides insightful trend analysis on pay and conditions, absence and turnover training and skills, and many other factors relating to the development of the workforce.
Safer Recruitment Guidance - Review Consultation 
The SSSC and the Care Inspectorate are leading the work on the review of Safer Recruitment through Better Recruitment Guidance, reporting to a Programme Board on which CCPS and the Voluntary Sector HR Forum have four representatives.
On behalf of the Programme Board, SSSC has issued a Consultation about the content of the Guidance and call for practice examples.
The deadline for responses is 20 April 2016
Consultation on unknowingly employing an indivdual barred from regulated work 
A consultation is currently underway to help determine whether the Removal of Barred Individuals from Regulated Work Regulations 2010 should be changed. A possible consequence of change would be that employers would be committing an offence if they employed a person whether or not Disclosure Scotland had told that organisation about the person being barred from doing that type of regulated work. To read a full explanation and to take part in the consultation click here:
The deadline for responses is 19 April 2016
SSSC Published report on its activities 
The SSSC has just published A Trusted, Skilled and Valued Social Service Workforce. This report reflects on the work that the SSSC has been doing to regulate and improve the social services workforce and provides a useful overview of the scope and scale of the workforce.
Shared Induction amongst Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Providers Forum
A working group of this forum has now reached the stage of creating a draft shared induction programme that will be piloted this year. It is also developing a shared learning programme. This initiative is a good example of collaborative working amongst voluntary sector providers to achieve integrated outcomes and greater efficiency. Read more
Further details can be found on the CJVSF website
Review of National Care Standards - Principles
People working in health, care or a support service made up the largest group responding to last year’s consultation on revised principles for the National Care Standards. The next stage of the review is the Care Standards themselves which will in turn influence developments in inspection methodology. For more information read:
Health Bill, Duty of Candour for Adult Social Care 
The Health (Tobacco, Nicotine, etc. and Care) (Scotland) Bill, which received Royal Assent on 6 April 2016 contains a duty of candour for health and social care organisations to inform people when they have been harmed as a result of the care or treatment they have received. The duty of candour procedure will apply to responsible persons including care providers following and unintended incident in the provision of service that results in death or severe harm, etc. More information can be found within the bill as passed  or in this Spice Briefing
Fair Work Convention Framework 
The remit of the Fair Work Convention, established in 2015, is to drive forward fair work in Scotland. The agenda is aspirational; it is about fair work becoming a hallmark of Scotland's workplaces and economy.The vision of the Convention is that by 2025, people in Scotland will have a world leading working life where fair work drives success wellbeing and prosperity. The framework can be found here and a summary is also available.
Consultation closing on Tuesday 19th April 2016
We would like to remind you that you can still share your views on our  published consultation on the possibility of new offence provisions under  section 35(2) and (3) of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 which would revoke and replace the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 (Removal of Barred Individuals from Regulated Work) Regulations 2010. This is a short consultation with 4 questions. 

We would welcome your views on the proposed options, and to make further suggestions as appropriate.

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