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CCPS Workforce Development Network Bulletin - April 2015

Welcome to the news bulletin provided by the Workforce Development Network, which is hosted by CCPS and funded by Scottish Government.The Network aims to work in collaboration with SSSC and other key partners in order to build workforce capacity and leadership in voluntary sector social services providers.

More information about the Network can be found online.

In this issue:

Engagement for a purpose: making sure our voice is heard

On 11 May the Workforce Development Network is holding a free event at Norton Park, Edinburgh at which we hope you will tell the workforce team what you think about our work plan for the year ahead and contribute to workshops on the hot topics of Fitness to Practice, Leadership, Benchmarking of Pay and Conditions and Workforce Engagement.
here for full details on the event and to book your place.

Benchmarking Survey Report - Much more than pay and conditions

Based on returns from 26 voluntary sector organisation the report reveals the position across a wide range of HR issues. The survey was centred around pay and conditions, but also enables analysis of the funding climate and its impact on factors such as recruitment and retention and workforce insecurity.  This invaluable report also covers wider HR issues such as involvement and participation, training and skills.  To read the Executive Summary click here.

Integration - Are we involved yet? Please let us know.

This article reflects on the Joint Working Act coming into force and examines whether voluntary sector providers are beginning to experience greater opportunity for workforce development, especially collaborative initiatives, that promote the outcomes desired of Integration.

Providers are asked to share any experiences of involvement in workforce planning, be that through their local Third Sector Interface or otherwise and/or to let us know about their engagement with any initiative that brings about the sort of changes in the workforce needed for Integration to be successful.

Living Wage Briefing Note

Providers are coming under increasing pressure from councils and other contracting authorities to pay staff the Living Wage (currently £7.85). Whilst some councils have raised contract values or hourly rates accordingly, others have not, and there is growing concern that providers are expected in some cases to bear the full cost of becoming a Living Wage employer which, for many, is not achievable within existing funding limits. CCPS is working to highlight the issues for providers with Scottish Government, COSLA and others, and has also published a briefing document for providers setting out key information and exploring the issues.

briefing provides information to care and support providers about the Living Wage and accreditation with the Living Wage Foundation. It also offers pointers to providers when responding to tenders or other service opportunities where Living Wage is a factor.

Technology enabled learning, skills and support

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) recently conducted research into the extent the health and social care workforce access technology to support learning and improve service delivery.The technology considered included personal computers, laptops and mobile phones as well as devices for telehealth/care or designed to promote independent living.

Thirty percent of respondents said they did not have access to the resources needed because access is blocked on their workplace computer and 37% that they had very poor mobile phone/wifi coverage in their work area. Eighty percent were clear that technology is helpful, although there are concerns about limited network access and suitable devices.  The
summary sets out the findings. A further research paper sets out the capacity to develop use of technology.

Open Badges

The SSSC is promoting Mozilla Open Badges to help individuals create an online record of achievement and skills.  Open Badges offers a method of setting out the evidence necessary to demonstrate suitability for jobs with prospective employers.  The system can be used by organisations to provide certificates relating to participation at events and follow up action.  To find out more and to try it out go to SSSC website.

National Provider Guide to SDS

Providers & Personalisation have been working in collaboration with providers from across Scotland to develop a national guide for support providers on Self-directed support (SDS). Funded by the Scottish Government, the provider guide is hosted on a brand new website: Support Me, Support You. The website includes information and resources for preparing the workforce for SDS. Further information on the P&P website.

Voluntary organisations sought for Scottish Leaders Forum Employee Engagement Framework test phase

An employee engagement framework has been developed by Perth and Kinross Council, IIP and Abertay University, linking employee engagement and organisational culture.
SSSC and Falkirk Council are testing the framework and a voluntary sector organisation is being sought to do likewise. This involves:
  • Initial desk research to understand organisational context.
  • Identification of up to 12 senior staff with accountability for organisational culture (Service Directors/Managers, HR, IT, Finance) for 1:1 interviews.
  • Facilitated one day or two half day workshops with these staff.
  • Meetings with frontline staff to check findings from work with senior staff
  • Final report back to senior staff group.
The test organisation will explore their story and how they can evolve, receive a written report and then 6 month and a year follow up to identify changes resulting from the process. The developers will report their findings, identifying what worked and what is transferrable to other contexts. An information pack for potential test organisations is available from Caroline Scott. An information session can be arranged.

The View from Here: A survey that aims to understand the experiences, attitudes and outlook of the Scottish social services workforce

Are demands on the social services workforce greater now than they have ever been? What
are the views of practitioners about their work? The current climate poses both challenges and opportunities. We want to better understand these challenges by finding out more from people working at all kinds of levels and in all kinds of roles about the real experience of delivering care and support.

IRISS will use your responses to:
  • support and promote public understanding of the sector in Scotland
  • identify and share opportunities and ideas for improvement
  • create a baseline for understanding views and experiences in order to measure change over time.
Please complete this survey if you provide care and support in Scotland.
Supported with grant funding by the Scottish Government

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