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Benchmarking Survey Events - Feedback from the Sector
Events have been held to present the findings of the Voluntary Sector HR Bench Marking Report. To read how the findings resonated with participants and summaries of discussions on major workforce issues 
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Views sought on the Review of the SSSC Codes of Practice
The SSSC is reviewing the Codes of Practice for Social Services Workers and Employers. CCPS is involved as part of a strategic group overseeing the review and invites you to contribute your views. 
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Taking account of workforce matters in procurement
During the passage of the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act last year, there was a great deal of debate about whether public bodies could ‘enforce’ payment of the Living Wage (and other workforce matters) by organisations performing public contracts, including social care organisations. The Scottish Government stated that it had received advice from the European Commission to the effect that this would be ruled out by the terms of the EU Public Procurement Directives. It further stated that it would however be possible for public bodies to promote the Living Wage and other positive workforce conditions at the stage of selecting tenderers, and accordingly gave a commitment to publish relevant statutory guidance. CCPS has now received a draft of this guidance in confidence for initial commentary. We hope to be able to consult more widely on this with providers, and will keep you informed.
Tackling low pay in social care
Earlier this year, CCPS, Scottish Care, COSLA and the Scottish Government agreed a 3.8% uplift to the weekly rate for care home places for older people. This settlement was reached on condition that all care home operators would pay a minimum of £7 per hour to care staff. A further initiative was then taken forward to achieve a similar new minimum for staff working in care at home and housing support. The Chancellor’s budget announcement in July 2015 regarding a new ‘National Living Wage’ of £7.20 per hour means that these initiatives may now need to be reviewed. CCPS has been invited by the Scottish Government to discuss the implications of the Chancellor’s announcement at a meeting in early August. We will keep you updated about progress. In the meantime you may be interested to read the UKHCA’s open letter to the Chancellor regarding the implications for care at home.
Sleepover rates
CCPS has sought information from its members about the way in which Scottish local authorities are handling the changes to sleepover rates resulting from recent Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) rulings. The information gathered indicates that very few authorities to date have responded by increasing rates for sleepovers, although most have told providers that they are considering what action to take. For those who have not yet seen it, the CCPS briefing on the EAT rulings is available at this link.
Will potential changes to entry rules for skilled economic migrants affect your recruitment?
The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) is undertaking a consultation on behalf of the UK Government with a view to reviewing requirements for Tier 2 visas for skilled economic migrants from outside the EEA and Switzerland. Changes being considered include increasing the income threshold for a post to qualify, reviewing the Shortage Occupation List and restricting rights of dependents of Tier 2 migrants. Some organisations have expressed concern that changes to the visa requirements will affect their ability to recruit skilled staff, especially nurses. 
For more information or to provide comments or evidence about employing staff on Tier 2 visas, please contact
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Voluntary Sector Development Fund
Funding up to £25,000 per organisation is once again available to voluntary sector providers to contribute towards the cost of meeting SSSC registration criteria. The priority groups are staff in housing support/care at home services and Assessors. Applications must be received by 28 August. 
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Social Services Expo - Your invitation to the biggest social services event in Scotland this year
Registration for free places at Expo 2015 (7-8 September) is open. CCPS and many of its members will be exhibiting and contributing. We hope to see you there. 
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