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CCPS Workforce Development Network BulletinOctober 2013

Welcome to the news bulletin provided by the new Workforce Development Network, hosted by CCPS and funded by Scottish Government.
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Integration of health and social care in Scotland and the implication for the Third Sector Workforce

Summary of Position Paper
CCPS has been funded by the Scottish Government to keep voluntary sector providers informed of emerging issues relating to Integration and, at the same time, feed back to government on matters relating to workforce development associated with this agenda.  One product of this work is a Position Paper on Integration in relation to Workforce Development.

The Position Paper focuses on the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Bill, which is a key element of the integration agenda.  Although the Bill is primarily concerned with bringing about better joint working between NHS Boards and Local Authorities, the role of the voluntary sector and joint strategic commissioning are covered; the latter making the document of particular significance for providers. 

It has been recognised by the government that, along with changes to leadership approaches, workforce development is key to achieving an integrated world with effective joint working across all sectors. As a consequence, the Workforce Development Strategic Group has been set up to inform the Bill and any supplementary guidance or legislation. There is a great opportunity for voluntary sector providers to capitalise on this period of reform to have its status and significance properly recognised and for key workforce issues to be recognised and addressed.

The Position Paper therefore spells out the massive contribution that the voluntary sector makes to the overall provision of social services in Scotland, highlighting where it is most engaged.The lack of parity felt amongst providers is articulated in the paper, along with the associated poorer terms and conditions status experienced by the voluntary sector workforce.

The paper also covers need for skills development to cope with more complex provision and to ensure that support is focussed on person-centred outcomes.  A significant amount of attention is then placed on workforce development and planning; asking that the voluntary sector is fully enabled to take part in these processes, so that not only can it contribute fully its knowledge and experience, but also that learning and development resources of the future are better shared across all sectors.
Social Services Expo & Conference 2014
Marking World Social Work Day 2014 and highlighting the range of social services and support in Scotland, this event will provide you with an opportunity to share expertise and ideas, learn from others, discuss current developments and encourage innovation.
The day will comprise a mixture of speakers, workshops, exhibitors, poster presentations, debate and discussion, global links, media and technology.
People working in and with social services will be able to create their own programme for the day, as well as make new connections.

Be sure and hold the date - Tuesday, 18 March 2014.

More information is available on the event website.

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