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The Catalyst that Initiated Ben’s Success

A mother's story...5 years after her son's Davis Program
I was touched by a testimonial I read on the NE Dyslexia site several months back, and it spurred me to write one myself. I and my son, Ben, first met Karen at NE Dyslexia 5 years ago. Ben had struggled with his reading and writing for many years in elementary school and, while he did receive special ed services, he was still not progressing as we had hoped and was becoming more and more frustrated with reading. We knew he had dyslexia but no one in the school system would say "the word.”  

Ben had tried many other programs without success, so we contacted Karen.  From the day she evaluated him for the program, it was like a little light clicked on. I think he realized someone understood what he was going through and he seemed very willing to try the program. We returned several weeks later during winter vacation and each day it was like a new child was emerging.

I was worried when I went to pick Ben up for lunch after his first session with Karen that he would be frustrated.  I was prepared to hear that he didn’t want to return in the afternoon; however, what I found was a re-energized child - smiling and reminding me that we needed to get going because he needed to be back by 1pm for the afternoon session.  Karen was able to help Ben believe that he would read successfully in the future and that, in some situations, may have an advantage over his classmates because he was a visual learner. She truly taught him “the gift of Dyslexia”.

Everything changed for Ben after he completed the Davis® program. The most telling moment came on the day we finished the program. As we left Karen’s office, Ben asked if we could go to the bookstore across the street  to buy a book to read. This may not seem like a big deal except that he had never asked this before - because he had found no pleasure in books; he only saw them as a hardship. 

In middle school he received all A’s and B’s and was recommended for a honors history class. This year he is a freshman in high school and continues to do well academically. Ben certainly still has hurdles to jump due to his dyslexia but he is fully engaged with his studies and has started to explore what colleges he might like to attend. We owe a great deal to Karen, as she was the catalyst that initiated Ben’s success.  My wish is that we could have a “Karen” in every elementary school in MA!
- Mary (parent of 14 yr old son w/ dyslexia) Westwood, MA


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I happened upon this blog article, written by the mother of two dyslexic sons who homeschools in Texas.  She describes her experience with doing the alphabet in clay, as outlined in The Gift of Dyslexia.  It is a great description of the process and brings home why creativity enables mastery!  Read the blog article at:

New England Dyslexia Solutions has worked with many homeschooling families - who have gone on to successfully implement the Davis methods into their everyday homeschool curriculum.  Recently, there was an unsolicited post on the Davis Support site from a homeschooling mom whose son went through a Davis program at New England Dyslexia her comments and success story at:  

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Famous Dyslexics Spotlight
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs touched the lives of almost everyone in the world - in some way or another.  His visionary products made Apple what it is today.  Prior to his untimely death last year, this fun chart was posted about him - 15 Things to Know About Steve Jobs.  It is not surprising to us in the Davis community to hear that he joins the ranks of amazing individuals who had/have the GIFT of Dyslexia!

Read the fact chart at:
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