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Qoya is Wise, Wild, Free

Dear One,

While writing and after reading my own blog post last week, I really contemplated the question I had asked, "When you have tapped into the feeling and freedom to be wild, creative and expressive (through dancing)- how can you apply that in your life?  How can you be a little wild today in a way that serves the greater good?  How can you leap forward instead of hold back?"

I thought about it and made a choice.  I booked a ticket to Nepal leaving October 6th, 2011 to hike the Annapurna circuit for 21 days.  It was a little wild and it filled me with so much joy.  This has been a dream I have had for many years.  Rumoured to be one of the most beautiful hikes in the world where you stop to eat and sleep in buddhist tea houses in small villages along the way, this trip has magic written all over it.  (I also was able to find a company called 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking that is a non-profit designed to take the money they make from leading hikes to empowering the young women of Nepal.) In addition to my desire to enjoy all the inspiration and perspective from 5-8 hours of hiking amongst some of the highest peaks in the world everyday, I'm also called to the free time in the mountains with no other distraction to spend my free hours writing and further developing Qoya in written form, more like a book.  It's wild, it's creative, it's expressive.  It's a big leap in the direction of a dream.

One of things I am most grateful for and equally challenged by is the stand I take for other women to love being in their bodies and living a life that is wise, wild and free. Grateful because it is an honor and incredibly fulfilling.  Challenged because it forces me to grow and do everything that I encourage other women to do to stay in my integrity.  I can't post a blog about leaping forward into your creative expression and being a little wild while procrastinating to do the same.   The truth for me is, we are all in this together and as I get stronger, you get stronger.  And as you get wilder, I have the permission to get wilder.  And as I feel more free, you have a living example of what it looks like to be more free.  We mirror each other's possibilities along the way.

Qoya retreats are my favorite way to tap into the fullest expression of the woman that is wise, wild and free.  We dance, move, sweat and stretch enthusiastically with sessions over two hours each morning.  We have the afternoons to go on adventures, go to the spa, hike, rest or lounge by the pool.  We spend the evenings coming into a deep sense of gratitude with our prayer rituals and also take time to vision and dream what we desire to call in for the rest of the year.

I am devoted to creating space for us to enjoy the gift of the moment.  By having an elongated experience of pleasure and authentically expressing yourself through your movement, through conversations with like minded women and through feeling the rejuvenating effect of being in nature, you will have a strong sense of your wise, wild and free self and will be able to navigate in the world from that spot after the weekend.

Woodstock is calling all wise, wild and free women to dance again.  If you are thinking about being a little wild and taking a weekend for yourself, please join us.  Registration closes Friday, August 26th.  Click here to see the prices based on your accommodation preferences.  There's also the opportunity for the Qoya teacher training!  Reach out to me if you have any additional questions.

I look forward to dancing with you next weekend!

With Woodstock inspired peace, love and rock n' roll,


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