Hello <<First Name>>,

Are you planning a sale or promo for the holiday shopping season? 

Chances are, you're probably planning some kind of promotion before the year is up. And this time of year, visuals matter even more. 

That's a bold claim, but hear me out.

Visuals are the attention getters, and the words are the attention keepers. You can have killer copy, but if your graphics don't grab your client's attention, they probably won't even read the words. And that would be a shame. Cause I see you working hard to plan this thing. 

BUT! I've got you with this month's workshop. You may or may not remember that I'll be hosting a monthly, low-cost workshop. For November, I've decided to focus on Selling With Color. Color is one heck of a powerhouse at grabbing attention. And while a few are blessed with a natural intuition for pairing colors, it can be a real struggle for others.

You've got a gorgeous logo, and a beautiful color palette. Maybe you've worked with a designer, or purchased a branding kit. But do you know how to take those colors and create on-brand promo graphics that help you sell more? 

The internet and Pinterest are full of tips on color phycology, but how do you make sense of #allthethings for YOUR brand? Can you use another color with your brand palette? How do you know what color to use where? 

Ready for some answers? 

What: BPB Workshop- Sell With Color
When: Friday, Nov 16th at 9:00 AM Pacific Time
Cost: $15 which includes the replay and personal feedback/advice on YOUR graphics

Join me for this limited space workshop. Learn the basics of selling with color, and then get real feedback from an experienced graphic designer. That's me. 😉 Just in time for Black Friday. All for only $15. And totally pitch free. Seriously.

Show up, learn, get real (affordable) help, and rock your holiday sale.

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By Katie Schwarz
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