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Saturday July 12, 2014 - Withrow Park Farmers' Market
Photo: Withrow Market | Seema and her son from Tiffinday, offering their featured entrées. 

What’s the difference between shopping at a farmers’ market and shopping at a supermarket?

"Farmers’ markets are a very important part of building an alternative food chain. You’re now eating in a different way. You’re eating less processed food. There is no high fructose corn syrup in the farmers’ market. There are no monoglycerides, no triglycerides. None of those additives are present in fresh, seasonal food. When you start cooking food, as opposed to buying it precooked or processed, both you and the farmer benefit, as a matter of health." – Michael Pollan, Author

View our complete list of primary 2014 Farmers and Vendors on our website:

Whenever possible, I shop at farmers' markets rather than supermarkets because it is a direct connection to a local farmer/food vendor and I have first-hand knowledge of where my food was produced. Check out our market this Saturday -- you'll be pleasantly surprised!

See you at Withrow Market!

John Zeus
Market Manager

This Week's Fresh & Local!


True Blue!  Monforte will have True Blue, a mild water buffalo blue cheese, as well as Bliss, a triple creme cow and sheep's milk camembert.

Green Beans and Carrots!  Healthy Choice Farm will have fresh carrots, green onions, beets, sugar snap peas, green beans, green garlic, garlic scapes, salad mix, spinach, arugula, and more!

Fresh Bread and Brioche! Breads from St. John's Bakery! Cilantro/olive, potato/onion, walnut raisin, white sourdough, multigrain, rye, and baguette. Plus, strawberry jam filled brioche, scones (cranberry, blueberry, chocolate/ginger, cheddar pepper), ginger cookies, shortbread cookies, and more!

Curry: Mixed Vegetable In a Coconut Sauce! Great vegan Indian food at Tiffinday. Served with brown basmati rice at the market, or in take home jars to enjoy at home. There will be plenty of Bhajiya fries, Timpa Wheels, and Chaat salad as well. They may even have Paratha breads!

Wild Blueberry Pies and Fresh Raspberries! Feast of Fields will delight us again with cherries, raspberries, strawberries, wild blueberries, Saskatoon berries, and gooseberries!

Strawberry-Basil-Balsamic and Cherry Limeade Ice Pops! Sweet Sammies has taken the delicious Ontario strawberries and cherries from Feast of Fields and turned them into ice pops: Strawberry-Basil-Balsamic and Cherry Limeade! Ice cream sammies and tubs are also on the menu this Saturday!
Kale Croissants!  The Local Café "Bus Kitchen" will bring lots of croissant pastries to the market this Saturday, along with other delicious baked goods!
Chicken Sausage in Octoberfest, Mild Italian, and Hot Italian! All gluten-free from Field Sparrow Farms!

Garlic Scapes, Kohlrabi and Squash Blossoms!  Fresh from the fields of Cookstown Greens!

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!  Eudora Foods will be serving grilled cheese sandwiches with olive tapenade on bread from St. John's Bakery.

Maple Syrup!  From Danbrie Farms!

Farm Fresh Heritage Eggs and Pastured Pork! From Murray's Farm, free-range heritage and rare breed poultry eggs. They are nest run and are different colours and sizes for a visual feast as well as a taste treat.

Veggie Gardening Summer Camp!  Come visit Arlene at BUFCO for more information on this event!

New Potatoes and Beets!  From the fields of Haystrom Farm. They will have new potatoes, various lettuce, snap and shelling peas, beets and Jim's own preserves!

Fresh Beets and Green Onions!  This week from Fiddlehead Farm. They will have beets, spring salad mix, sugar snap peas, basil, chard, and green onions!

Strawberry Chocolate Date Squares!  From Earth and City.

Guest Vendors

Soap du Jour - We welcome Patty Eager of Soap du Jour to our market this Saturday. She'll be bringing her handmade, natural soaps and body products. Her soap contains no animal ingredients.

Organic Coffee & Iced Maple Coffee

Our market volunteers will be serving fresh, bold, organic, locally-roasted, fair-trade coffee from Coffeecology. If you bring your own cup, we will give you $0.25 off.

Try our Iced Maple Coffee! We use local maple syrup from Danbrie Farms. 

The proceeds from our coffee sales help support our nonprofit organization and fund supplies for the market. The Withrow Park Farmers' Market is a project of CLFI, the Centre for Local Food Initiatives. Thank you for your continued patronage!

Farmers & Vendors List

More information and vendor site links on our website:
Brian Hamlin, Beekeeper - Brian will be back at Withrow Market on August 9th! A treatment-free beekeeper that takes care to place hives near healthy sustainable eco-systems.
Cookstown Greens - Lots of greens from the fields, kale, chard, spinach, arugula, and more. Cookstown Greens grows the very best vegetables, lettuce and seedlings and has been growing organically since 1988. They are a family run business, and grow certified organic produce. 

Danbrie Farms - Quality Maple Syrup products from their farm to your table.

Fiddlehead Farm - Greens such as kale, spring leeks, green onions, chives, fresh oregano, young swiss chard, and some hearty roots. 

Feast of Fields - Demeter Certified Organic Vineyards and Orchard. Produces raspberries, blackberries, pears, blueberries, and other seasonal fruit!

Field Sparrow Farms - Naturally-raised, pastured meats. Henry and Sarah Bakker believe responsible and innovative farming strategies benefit their customers, producers, the community as a whole, and the health of the earth. 

Haystrom Farm - Jim’s preserves made with his own farm produce. Try his Maple Rhu-BBQ sauce! Earthy and smokey made with local maple syrup. Also, a variety of fresh produce including garlic scapes, green garlic, mixed greens, beets and more!

Healthy Choice Farm - They are an organic farm in Brampton. They grow wild green garlic, green onions, kale, spinach, salad mix, arugula, local garlic, and much more!

Murray's Farm - Nutritious heritage eggs from the farm. Murray raises rare heritage breeds of chickens that lay a variety of pastel-coloured eggs. He also has heirloom vegetables, fresh from the fields!

BUFCO, The Backyard Urban Farm Company - Seeds and seedlings, and gorgeous, local, outdoor grown, cut flower bouquets. Vegetable garden landscapers, raised beds installations and kits, and garden planning, planting and maintenance services.

The Local Café (The Bus Kitchen) - Croissants and a variety of sweet and savoury baked goods, including tarts, and fantastic bean empanadas!
Enjoy their scones for breakfast, and savoury croissants stuffed with kale and seasoned with lemon, olive oil and creme fraiche for lunch.

Tiffinday - Offering their featured entrées. Vegan and gluten free! Mixed curry along with Timpa wheels, Bhajiyas and Chaat salad, and more! 

Sweet Sammies - Ontario berry season means lots of fresh fruit ice pops from Sweet Sammies!
Ice cream tubs will be available for customers who ordered them last Saturday. You can purchase any of their ice cream flavours in tubs for pick up at the market.

Eudora Foods - Organic spices, handmade sauces, and marinades, using organic ingredients as well as local produce when in season.

Earth & City - Delicious, local, and seasonal offerings. New menu items based on Ontario's growing season. Earth and City is an exciting and innovative food company located in Toronto. Their menu is all vegan and mainly raw, organic and gluten-free, and is inspired by what's in season.

Manning Canning - Manning Canning makes a selection of award winning jams, jellies, preserves, pickles and other delectable spreads from locally sourced produce. They also teach the craft of preserving in a variety of in class settings. They are not at Withrow Market this Saturday, but will be here next Saturday!

Monforte - A diverse batch of cheeses and other dairy products. What trumps the sheer sensual deliciousness of a well-crafted cheese?

St. John’s Bakery - Freshly baked organic sourdough breads, scones, and cookies!

VQA Ontario Wine

We welcome Rosehall Run, from Prince Edward County. They will continue to feature Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from their farm/winery, and their summer friendly "One Rose" Ros'e.


Arrives every Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm until October 25th, rain or shine! 

The market is in the north-east end of Withrow Park, one block south of Danforth, between Logan and Carlaw.


Bring the kids to the farmers' market to create creepy crawlies like ants, spiders and caterpillars out of egg cartons.


AutoShare is Toronto’s first carsharing network. They are dedicated to providing greater personal freedom and mobility to people living in Toronto; and to reducing carbon emissions and pollution through efficiency and choice. Their goal is to have a shared-vehicle within a 5 minute walk of anywhere in the city; at every TTC station; and at the end of your street. They know that car sharing is crucial to the long term health of our urban environment – and economy.
Stop by the tent to learn about AutoShare as well as the amazing promotions they are offering to Withrow Market patrons.



"My favorite aspect of being a volunteer is meeting the children, the vendors and people in the market. The other volunteers in the market especially in the Arts and Craft group - Lauren, Gurpreet, Ada, and Chelsea are kind, gentle, loving and amazing with the children. Coming to the market fills my heart with joy and I look forward to Saturdays!"
Our Farmers’ Market is mostly run by volunteers. We love meeting new friends and have a number of exciting opportunities for you to help us out! Please consider giving us your time. JOIN US!

"Meet our volunteers" 
photo gallery.


Introducing Kelly McNamee, guitar, duo, folk.

We need writers & bloggers! 

Withrow Market Blog

Withrow Market's Canadian Tire Money Drive!

Please save your Canadian Tire money. We are collecting Canadian Tire money which will be used to purchase a cooler for our market. Our volunteers will be accepting donations every Saturday.


July 14: MEET THE POLLILNATORS | 7 pm,  in room 212, upstairs from the Big Carrot
One of nature’s most fascinating and important phenomena is happening right under your nose, in your city’s green areas, neighbourhood parks and even your own garden.
Pollination is how our tiny winged neighbours help flowering plants reproduce, increasing the world’s  beauty and biodiversity, and making most of the fruits and vegetables we eat. An astonishing variety of birds, beetles, butterflies, flies, wasps and species of bee you didn’t even know were bees, do this crucial work, often unnoticed.
It’s time everyone was introduced.
You’re invited to join pollination writer and photographer Stephen Humphrey this Saturday, July 12, at 2 pm, for a discovery walk beginning at the Carrot Common green roof. You’ll how to recognize pollinators in your midst, and walk away with new eyes for nature.
Then join Stephen on Monday, July 14 at 7 pm,  in room 212, upstairs from the Big Carrot (take the door next to Book City) for a slideshow, talk and Q&A, to learn about pollination, how flowers function and what you can do, literally in your own back yard, to help pollinators thrive and improve the sex life of your garden.
Come meet the pollinators!
Suggested fee of $20 for each session.
For more information visit
July 14: Urban Beekeeping Bicycle Tour | 6:30 – 8:30 PM | FREE
Begins: Koffler Gallery, 180 Shaw St.
Ends: Portlands Energy Centre, 470 Unwin Ave.
RSVP: | 647.925.0643 x221

From rooftops to waterfronts, Toronto’s downtown beehives produce delicious honey and link a community of apiarists dedicated to protecting bee colonies and their many outputs – environmental as well as artistic. The tour begins with Penelope Stewart’s beeswax installation Vanitas at the Koffler Gallery, and travels east by bicycle to the Portlands Energy Centre beehives for a demonstration by beekeeper Brian Hamlin and a sampling of local honeys by sunset.

Rain date: Monday, July 21, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

July 19: Summer BBQ with Craig Scott | 1:00 - 4:00 PM | Withrow Park | Free
From Craig Scott: Hope you can join me for my second annual summer BBQ! There will be free food, plus activities for children. All are welcome!
The BBQ will feature information booths for local organizations working to build a clean and sustainable Canada.

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