The riches of our biosphere come from The Upward Spiral.
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If everything runs down, how can life be rich with latent possibilities?

The answer is hidden in the second level of flow and the upward spiral.

Many years ago Paul Krafel, one of our sources of inspiration, despaired because he had been taught that the second law of thermodynamics meant that everything runs down. This law seemed to mean that eventually Death would overcome Life and that all of the works and efforts of living things would slowly crumble into meaninglessness. Paul came to understand that the second law of thermodynamics only applies to the first level of flow, the individual level of flow. There is a second level of flow, the group level.

The upshot of this was that by metabolizing less energy than it stored on average over thousands and even billions of years, Life has become richer in terms of stored chemical energy over the eons and can continue to do so for eons to come. This has given Life the opportunity to explore ever more diverse forms and these forms have allowed it to store more and metabolize less energy. These two trends (greater diversity and greater efficiency) have fed back into each other. This positive feedback loop that produces ever greater good news is called the Upward Spiral.

Life exuberant
bursting through boundaries
to flower and spread
creates the conditions for more Life,
in an Upward Spiral of ever-growing possibilities.

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In dedication to Life,
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P.S. You can learn more about Paul Krafel's Upward Spiral 

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Copyright © 2022 The SolSeed Movement, All rights reserved.

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