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Our actions entrench the power of the light on this planet. Every positive thought we pass between us makes room for more light. And if we do more than think, then our actions clear the path for even more light. That is why forgiveness and compassion must become more important principles in public life. - John Lewis

Her face was splotchy and red. Her voice whining like an ambulance alarm. My daughter was inconsolable.
I’m well versed in Dan Siegel’s whole brain strategies and I’ve read about how to talk to kids so they will listen. But in the heat of the moment I usually resort to one thing – “GO TO YOUR ROOM AND TAKE A BREAK!” After a few moments in her room by herself, I entered. She told me what had happened (the details of which are not important, but trust me you’ve been here) and explained why she was so upset.
“Eve, feelings are like clouds. They come and go. I know you are upset now, but soon enough the clouds will be gone,” I wisely reassured her.
I could see my reflection in her tear covered eyes and with the deepest sincerity, she replied “But how do you move clouds?”
I’m not sure what you’re feeling right now, but I imagine between the omni-present virus, school closings/openings, virtual learning, our election tensions, Supreme Court nomination theater, and the fact that we STILL do not have a pandemic bill from Congress that would lighten the load on families and caregivers – you are feeling like the clouds are lingering and you aren’t sure how to move them.
You aren’t alone. And though we can’t move the clouds, perhaps this community of Dads can weather the storm together while advocating for those most impacted by all that’s happening. 
Three weeks ago, in our first newsletter we invited you to write a "Letter to the Editor" and to contact your Senators about a pandemic relief bill. Welp, nothing has passed at the federal level. While some states have taken things into their own hands, we must continue to speak up for relief for schools, childcare providers, and ultimately, all families. If you live or know anyone who lives in a state with a Senator currently up for re-election (looking at you CO, ME, TX, NC, SC, TN, MT, IA and AZ), now is the time to put pressure on in any way possible. Below is a Letter to the Editor template you can feel free to modify or share. Child care providers are closing at an alarming rate and now is the time to act!
For more background, see this recent TIME article: “COVID-19 Has Nearly Destroyed the Childcare Industry—and It Might Be Too Late to Save It

Step 1 - Identify your Senator to contact
Step 2 - Download our sample letter, customize, and send
Step 3 - Share your letter on social media using the hashtag #DadsWhoCare

The Three-Child American Family, Under Siege

It's not just COVID giving current and prospective parents headaches. "The other challenges of 2020 — including political conflict, social unrest and climate crises — add to prospective parents’ uncertainty."

School Is (whisper it) a Form of Child Care

"Ignoring the fact that school is a place where children both learn and are kept safe while their parents work means we haven’t reconciled short school days and academic calendars with a typical working parent’s schedule."

We Want to Hear From You 

Every home, neighborhood, city, and state has its own unique struggles. We might not be able to help you sneak past the middle 15 pages of that bed time story, but we want to hear your stories so that we can support one another and advocate for solutions for the issues each of us are facing. 

What struggles are you and your family facing? Are there policies or issues that disproportionately impact your community that you would like more information on?

Dad of the Week

There are reviews of mom's midweek pasta, instructions for blasting off into space, and recipes for lunches that you can make without your parents. Six Feet of Separation is an online magazine written entirely by kids during the age of coronavirus. It is shepherded by Dad of the Week Chris Colin, a San Francisco authorjournalist and father of two. I recommend you read all of them and if you've got a child who may want to contribute, drop him a note here! 
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