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DTFP Ontario Systems Projects
Quarterly Newsletter

December 2011

Evidence Exchange Network (EENet) is pleased to present this quarterly update of the Ontario Systems Projects.
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The Drug Treatment Funding Program (DTFP) is a federal contribution program designed to support provinces and territories in their efforts to strengthen evidence-informed substance abuse treatment systems; and address critical gaps in substance abuse treatment services, particularly for at-risk youth.  Approximately $6.78 million has been committed to fund twelve Ontario Systems Projects, beginning April 1, 2011 and ending March 31, 2013.

In addition to individual project activities, a number of initiative-wide events have taken place in recent months.  In October 2011, Evidence Exchange Network (EENet) and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, with support from the Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and Addiction Programs, hosted a launch event for the Ontario Systems Projects.  Over 100 stakeholders attended the event and participated in workshops designed to build capacity and identify knowledge exchange needs for the initiatives.

Earlier this month, DTFP Ontario Systems Projects evaluator Dr. Sanjeev Sridharan and evaluation expert Steve Montague led an evaluation capacity building workshop to discuss the basics of evaluation and the types of evidence that need to be generated to make an argument for sustaining the impact of the DTFP projects.  Presentations from both of these events can be found at

In January 2012, the first meeting of the DTFP Ontario Systems Projects People with Lived Experience and Family Member Advisory Panel will take place.  The purpose of this Advisory Panel is to ensure the perspectives of people with lived experience and families are adequately represented in the suite of DTFP Ontario Systems Projects and in the initiative as a whole.  The Advisory Panel will provide advice and feedback, and will engage in a dialogue with the Steering Committee throughout the life of the program.

Updates on the individual Ontario Systems Projects can be found below.

Photos from the DTFP Ontario Systems Projects Launch Event,
courtesy of Dr. Brian Rush (October 2011)


  Peer Support Services Project engaging expert to assist with project delivery

The Peer Support Services advisory group has decided that further support is needed to execute this important work within the funding timeframe. The project team has issued a Request for Services and is now in the process of identifying an appropriate consultant. Although there is a good breadth of experience and perspectives from across the mental health and addictions sectors at the table, the team feels that the project would benefit from greater representation of people with lived experience in an advisory capacity. 

Trauma and Substance Abuse: Developing Best Practice Standards advisory group has demonstrated expertise in women's treatment issues

The Trauma and Substance Abuse advisory group is comprised of a cross section of representatives of Ontario’s substance abuse service system who have a demonstrated knowledge and expertise in women’s treatment issues related to trauma and substance use. A competitive process was undertaken to select the team of senior consultants that has been engaged to complete the project work, and a literature review is now underway. 
Screening and Assessment and Recovery Monitoring projects submit study protocol to Research Ethics Board

Screening and Assessment and Recovery Monitoring projects have conducted a comprehensive literature review and two environmental scans of substance use agencies across Ontario. The team has submitted its study protocol, which outlines the tools and processes for piloting, to the Research Ethics Board, and has confirmed its pilot sites. Read more…

Youth Services System Review leverages existing advisory structures to ensure breadth of perspectives

The Youth Services System Review project team has taken an innovative approach to its advisory structure. It is consulting with a number of existing advisory groups representing a broad range of stakeholders, spanning mental health and addictions. To date, the project team has met with seven distinct groups. Read more...

 Review of mandatory treatment data elements draws on best practices from addiction treatment systems around the world
As part of its review, the Addiction Treatment Data Elements and Provincial Service Categories Project team is looking to identify and use best practices from other jurisdictions that have comprehensive and well-structured addictions systems, both within Canada and internationally. Australia and the United Kingdom are among the countries being consulted. Read more...

Residential Support Services Evaluation Project identifying established and emerging best practices across Ontario

The Residential Support Services Evaluation Project team is currently conducting an environmental scan of existing residential support services. The team is interested specifically in identifying recognized and emerging best practices. A summary of the scan will be available early in the New Year. Read more...

Addiction Supportive Housing Evaluation Project literature review underway

The Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and Addiction Programs has launched its literature review on Addiction Supportive Housing, and will begin surveying Addiction Supportive Housing agencies across the province shortly.  Read more...

Making Gains knowledge exchange event beginning to take shape

The Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and Addiction Programs and its partners are currently working with the Ministry to identify a date to hold the “Making Gains” knowledge exchange event. A Planner has been selected, and the Steering Committee has met to discuss the planning process. The “Making Gains” partnership is looking forward to beginning the planning shortly. Read more...

Evidence Exchange Network hosting series of webinars to connect DTFP stakeholders across Canada

EENet has undertaken a number of initiatives to support the knowledge exchange needs of the Ontario Systems Projects, including developing a communications plan and launching a website, On January 19, 2012, EENet will host the first webinar, featuring PEI's DTFP, as part of a series that will connect stakeholders across provinces and territories. Read more...

Assessment/ Benchmark Addictions Treatment Costs Project develops pilot site selection criteria

The Assessment / Benchmark Addictions Treatment Costs Project has drafted a research protocol and developed pilot site selection criteria to ensure that a range of functional centres of various sizes and regional diversity will be represented in the study. Several pilot sites have already been confirmed. Read more…

  Client Satisfaction project developing tool to measure client perceptions of care

The Client Satisfaction project has completed a literature review and an environmental scan of client satisfaction tools used by mental health and addiction agencies in Ontario. The tools were assessed according to validity, usage, length, and relevance.  A new tool, incorporating elements of the most effective tools, as well as a focus on both client satisfaction and perceptions of care, is now in development with a final version expected in January 2012. Read more...


Evidence Exchange Network (EENet; formerly OMHAKEN) actively promotes the use of research evidence in decision-making by providing an infrastructure to connect research to mental health and addictions research stakeholders across Ontario, develops targeted KT products and tools and supports interactive exchanges. The EENet Management and Resource Centre is located at the Health Systems and Health Equity Research Group at CAMH.

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