The Ontario Mental Health and Addictions Knowledge Exchange Network (OMHAKEN) is now the Evidence Exchange Network (EENet).

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EENet has produced a new brochure about the network. Click here or on the image below to learn more about what EENet does, how the network is structured, and why we need it!

New Research Snapshots Tackle Teen Drug Use and Mental Health Services
EENet is pleased to present its latest Research Snapshots on topics ranging from teen drug use to bisexual people's experiences with mental health services. Click on each headline to get the full story:
Research Snapshots are brief, clear language summaries of research articles, presented in a user-friendly format. They are created in partnership with York University's Knowledge Mobilization Unit. To read other Research Snapshots, presented by EENet, click here.

Making Research More Equitable
People with lived experience of mental health and addictions usually have not had much of an opportunity to inform the research process. But "Guidelines for community-based research [CBR] in mental health and addictions" hopes to help change all of that. Led by Dr. Lori Ross, the project is working to develop guidelines for research that involves the communities in which it takes place. "I think CBR is important," says Victoria Jakobson (below), a graduate student in Social Work at U of T, who will help co-facilitate focus groups involving people with lived experience. "It helps make the research process more equitable." To read a profile of Jakobson - and to learn more about the project, which involves the CAMH Community Advisory Committee for Research (CACR), the
Empowerment Council, and Working for Change - click here.
Victoria Jakobson

Catch Latest Episodes of EENet's Webinar Series
EENet invites you to watch the latest episodes in its webinar series about the Health Canada Drug Treatment Funding Program. To watch videos about what Nova Scotia and BC are doing to enhance their substance abuse treatment systems - and to watch earlier installments on PEI and Alberta - click

Check Out SystemAction Webinar
On April 4, EENet co-hosted a webinar with SystemAction, Canada's knowledge exchange network in support of the National Treatment Strategy. To watch "Using a Screening Tool to Build Bridges Across Sectors: The Cape Breton Experience," click

Getting to Know the Network
By creating and sharing evidence about services, supports, and systems, EENet aims to support a better mental health and addictions system in the province. But who are the people behind EENet? Stephanie Gloyn (below), a recent addition to Ontario and the EENet team, is an enthusiastic knowledge broker. Originally from Canada's west coast, she has lived and worked in BC, Scotland, Kenya, and Ghana. Steph brings to her role a passion for learning from and working with varied populations. Her areas of interest include HIV and CBR as well as experiences of trauma, methadone maintenance treatment, and substance use treatment in resource-poor settings such as Africa. Among her first contributions to EENet: an engaging overview of five projects funded by the Drug Treatment Funding Program and how they will impact participating agencies. Read it
Stephanie Gloyn

EENet Partner News and Events

Reaching Out to Refugees
Many health promotion initiatives do not reach Canada's foreign-born population. But Best Practice Guidelines for Mental Health Promotion Programs: Refugees offers an opportunity to review current health promotion programs and improve their ability to address the mental health and wellbeing of refugees. The third in a series of online guides for promoting positive mental health, this resource will help service providers to incorporate best practice approaches to mental health promotion interventions that focus on refugees. You can download the resource
here. For more info about the initiative - a joint project between CAMH; the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, U of T; and Toronto Public Health - please contact Marianne Kobus-Matthews, Senior Health Promotion Consultant, CAMH.

Doing the Work
Following up on the Harm Reduction Canada 2011 conference, CAST Canada presents Doing the Work: Rural and Remote, which will focus on Harm Reduction in rural, remote, and isolated communities, including small cities and towns. The two-day gathering will include presentations, workshops, and forums, and will be the start of an ongoing conversation about opiates and treatment. The event takes place July 12 and 13, 2012 in North Bay, Ontario. For more info, and to register, go

What Students Are Saying about Drug Use
Take part in a free webinar to learn about the results of the 2011 Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey (OSDUHS). The OSDUHS began in 1977 and is the longest ongoing student school survey in Canada, and the second longest in North America. The webinar will be of interest to service providers, educators, police, corrections, community volunteers, and other stakeholders who work with youth. Youth are welcome to attend! For more info about the event - which will take place on Monday, April 23, 2012 1pm-3pm EST - click

Trauma Talks
On June 3, experts in psychological trauma and practitioners in the mental health field will come together in Toronto to talk about trauma-informed care for the Trauma Talks conference. Trauma-informed care requires a healthcare provider to be informed about and sensitive to the impact of trauma and to adjust how care is delivered in order to accommodate trauma survivors' unique vulnerabilities. Hosted by Women's College Hospital, each presenter will focus on a particular area of trauma and trauma-informed care. Audience members will be able to take part in the dialogue. For more info, click

Together Against Stigma
Mark June 4th to 6th in your 2012 calendar for Together Against Stigma: Changing How We See Mental Illness. Organized by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the World Psychiatric Association Scientific Section on Stigma and Mental Illness, this international conference will assemble over 500 researchers, mental health professionals, policymakers, and service users with an interest in stigma and discrimination. Mental health leaders will converge on Ottawa and focus on interventions to reduce stigma and discrimination against those with mental illness. Click
here for more info.

Add Your Tweet to the Chat
During this year's Mental Health
Week in Canada, Mobilizing Minds in partnership with mindyourmind will host a Twitter Chat to focus discussion on young adult mental health. The chat will take place on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 1pm-2pm EST and will use the hashtag #YAMH. The goal is to build dialogue around the ways that online resources might help young adults facing mental health concerns find help. For more info, click here.

Evidence Exchange Network (EENet; formerly OMHAKEN) actively promotes the use of research evidence in decision-making by providing an infrastructure to connect research to mental health and addictions research stakeholders across Ontario, develops targeted KT products and tools, and supports interactive exchanges. The EENet Management and Resource Centre is located in the Provincial System Support Program at CAMH.
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