The Ontario Mental Health and Addictions Knowledge Exchange Network (OMHAKEN) is now the Evidence Exchange Network (EENet).

EENet News and Events

New Research Snapshots Focus on Youth

EENet is pleased to present its latest Research Snapshots, several of which look at youth - a key network concern. Click on each headline to get the full story: Research Snapshots are brief, clear language summaries of research articles, presented in a user-friendly format. They are created in partnership with York University's Knowledge Mobilization Unit. To read other Research Snapshots, click here.

Student Spotlight: Programs for Offenders
How does the federal prison system in Canada manage offenders with substance use problems? Tara Marie Watson, a doctoral student at the Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies, U of T, is studying the evolution of correctional substance abuse policy and programs in Canada as well as examining current practices of treating and managing substance use in Canadian federal institutions. She's looking at how these programs are developed - and how they're actually implemented on the ground. Her research will also discuss how these programs have been tailored to meet the needs of women and Aboriginal offenders. To read a profile of Tara's work, click here.
Tara Marie Watson
Watch Client Satisfaction Webinar
EENet invites you to take part in a free one-hour virtual knowledge exchange webinar, to explore Health Canada's Drug Treatment Funding Program (DTFP).
Join Dr. Brian Rush - Group Head of the Health Systems and Health Equity Research Unit, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) - on Wednesday, June 27, 1pm-2pm EDT to learn more about Ontario DTFP's Client Satisfaction Project! And save the date for Tuesday, July 17, 1pm-2pm EDT, when Claudio Rocca, DATIS Director, will discuss Ontario DTFP's Addiction Treatment Data Elements and Provincial Service Categories Project.

Share Your Promising Practice
There's innovative and exciting work taking place within Ontario's mental health and addictions system. It's time we start getting the word out about it! Do you know of a promising practice or promising program that more people should hear about? If so, let us know! EENet may be interested in profiling some of this work. For more info, click here.

Getting to Know the Network
By creating and sharing evidence about services, supports, and systems, EENet aims to support a better mental health and addictions system in the province. But who are the people behind EENet? Kim Baker is one of our knowledge exchange leads in CAMH's West Region, Hamilton office. She worked for more than a decade in clinical addictions, providing assessment, referral, and outpatient counseling. She also has experience in developing and delivering evidence-based training curricula. When not working, she likes to kick off the training wheels and travel.
Kim Baker, traveling
Partner News and Events

Connecting at the Addictions Ontario Conference
Thanks to everyone who stopped by EENet's table to chat at the 44th Annual Addictions Conference, hosted by Addictions Ontario (AO), May 27 to 29, 2012. It was great to connect - and reconnect - with so many of our partners and stakeholders in mental health and addictions! Discover more about AO's conferences
EENet exhibit booth, above

Free Tutorials on Refugee Mental Health
Settlement counselors and health care professionals play key roles in addressing the mental health issues
of refugees and promoting mental health among this unique population. The Refugee Mental Health Project, based at CAMH, is offering two online tutorials to help those who work with refugees: one for settlement counselors, the other for health care professionals. To learn more, click here.

Nursing the System Back to Health
On Wednesday, June 27, 2012, join Gina Browne, Professor of Nursing at McMaster University, and Scott Robertson, Chief Nursing Officer for the Government of the Northwest Territories, as they explore how optimizing the role of nurses and using them to their full scope of practice can improve efficiencies - and improve healthcare. Browne and Robertson will be taking part in a webinar, Optimizing the Role of Nurses to Improve Efficiencies, at 12pm EDT. To register, visit the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation website

Set Your Priorities
Register now for Priorities 2012, the biennial conference of the International Society on Priorities in Health Care (ISPHC). This year's theme is "Partnerships for Improving Health Systems," which will examine the interface between researchers, clinicians, and managers, and how these key stakeholders can best work together to improve our health systems. For more info on the conference - which will take place in Vancouver, September 16 to 19, 2012 - click

Harm Reduction 101
Toronto Public Health Sexual Health Promoters and community partners have organized a free two-day workshop for those who work with people who use drugs. Upcoming dates include September 5-6, October 17-18, and November 14-15. All workshops take place at Metro Hall, and run from 9:30am to 4:30pm EDT. For more info, and to register, please contact Toronto Health Connection at (416) 338-7600 or email

Resilience in the Fall
Since youth is a key focus of EENet, the network is pleased to draw your attention to the International Society of Child and Adolescent Resilience's (ISCAR) first Fall Colloquium. For more info about "Building Resilience in Children and Youth" - which will take place at CAMH in Toronto, on September 29, 2012 - please visit ISCAR's website

Evidence Exchange Network (EENet; formerly OMHAKEN) actively promotes the use of research evidence in decision-making by providing an infrastructure to connect research and researchers to mental health and addictions research stakeholders across Ontario, develops targeted KT products and tools, and supports interactive exchanges. The EENet Management and Resource Centre is located in the Provincial System Support Program at CAMH.
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