Smartbox Modular Classroom Ready to Go

Project Location; Moulsford Preparatory School, Moulsford, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

In March this year Timberworks Europe was contacted by Mark Webber of Nicholas Brown Webber Architects enquiring as to the feasibility of supplying Moulsford School with a high quality temporary classroom. The outline specification was that the building had to be of  quality, be highly thermally efficient, have a sedum roof and blend in with the existing buildings at the school. It would also have to be ready for use by the beginning of the school year. The building was to be 58m2, be fully Cat 5 data cabled to allow for the full use of all modern teaching equipment, laptops and whiteboards.

Having reviewed the plans, elevations and outline specification with our fabricators and the clients’ architects it was decided that the use of our modular “Smartboxes” would deliver the most cost effective solution for the school as well as meet the demands of the relatively short timescale available.
Planning for the building was granted in early June 2014, contracts signed on the 19th and the building was ready for delivery and installation 40 days later. 

Delivery of the building was delayed to allow for Summer Camps at the school and the Smartboxes were craned off and installed on the 19th August. On the same day, the building was connected to the power supply, fully commissioned and ready for occupation! The sedum roof was installed two days later and the landscaping and pathways were completed in the first week of September. During the completion of the external works the school installed state of the art teaching equipment. Building control signed off the works on the 4th September – that’s just 9 weeks from start to finish!


The extremely strong SIP/Steel construction system not only allows for the additional weight of the sedum roof but also achieves very high levels of thermal efficiency; the wall; roof and floor u-values are 0.18 w/m2K or less, the windows and glazes doors deliver u-values of 1.2w/m2K and the air permeability (air tightness) is circa 1.5 m3/m2/hr at 50pa – basically it is an extremely thermally efficient building and heating costs will be minimal. 

As a natural evolution of our highly sustainable thermally efficient panel building system Timberworks Europe is designs and fabricates a number of modular buildings calling them
These are essentially high quality custom made modular buildings. The modules or Smartboxes modules are manufactured in the United Kingdom to ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (sustainability) standards. They can be clad in brick, render, tiles/slates, timber or any available sheet cladding system. The Smartboxes are generally clad and fully finished prior to delivery and simply joined together on site and connected to the services/utilities. The system is fully LABC registered system and suitable for for LABC, NHBC and Premier Guarantee warranties.
Being strong and relatively light the degree of groundworks required for Smartboxes is significantly less that competitor products and this also massively reduces mess, noise and inconvenience. The reduced site time further reduces environmental disturbance, delivers great savings on site costs and reduces safeguarding and H&S risk. 
The choice of internal finishes in your Smartbox(s) is entirely down to you; kitchens and white goods, bath and showers, heating systems, windows, doors and door furniture and decoration and carpets are all installed prior to delivery. Lead-in times are generally 5-7 weeks.
Delivery and assembly would be by cane or Hiab and by varying module sizes and configuration they can be suited to most internal layouts and/or external footprint requirements. Modular buildings can be built up to 3-4 storeys and have been used in housing, hotels, student accommodation (bed and bath in one pod), classrooms and home offices.
The standard supply are modules based on 150 mm Sip panels within a steel frame. The wall thickness is 225mm; most of the modules we supply are cedar clad finished internally with Fermacell (more rigid, durable and sustainable than plasterboard) and double glazed argon filled windows. The wall u value is circa 0.18 w/m2K, windows 1.2 and the air permeability is about 1.5 m3/m2/hr @ 50pa.
Smartboxes are ideal for classrooms, garden and community buildings, offices, home offices and full residential use (houses!). Being modular, multiple Smartboxes can be used to scale up a project both in terms of footprint and storeys and still deliver speed on site, quality, high thermal efficiencies and low running costs.

Closed Panel System

This division is involved in the manufacture and delivery of custom made sustainable sectional buildings delivered in panels. 
(See We have used this system in many different projects but principally the end use has been for community, leisure, residential and educational use.
Each building is bespoke to individual customer requirements and the  panels are delivered complete with internal and external cladding, windows, doors and all insulation pre-installed. Where possible we also use cassette roofing and flooring systems. The panels and cassettes are then assembled on site. This minimizes site times and associated costs, it reduces the number of traffic movements and significantly lessens disturbance to the local community. Being a dry build there tends to be less mess and fewer holdups by inclement weather. We generally tend to use the panel system on larger projects and those where layouts and design require greater degrees of flexibility and versatility.
The Timberworks panel only uses fully FCS certified sustainable materials. The panels are insulated using Steico wood fibre insulation, ProClima paper breather membranes (both from from Germany) and Fermacell internally in place of plasterboard. All three of these products are far kinder to the environment than their equivalents and provide true sustainability.
Generally, Timberworks buildings to date have achieved air permeability measurements of between 2 and 3 m3/m2/hr @ 50 pa and u-values in the roof and floors/roof of 0.18 and 0.15 w/m2K respectively.



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