Timberworks Europe to design, supply and erect a 400 sq m contemporary community hall in Swindon.
Project address: Christ Church, Old Town, Swindon, Wiltshire

The brief - To demolish an existing 40 year old community hall and to replace it with a modern facility incorporating a Ground Source Heat Pump and 130 sq m of PV. The design of the building incorporates glulam uprights and roof beams together with large areas of glazing. Internally the building will consist of a meeting room, some offices and a purpose built kitchen. The main hall will be divided into two separate function areas incorporating bi folding doors.


The site itself is confined and access is via a series of paths through the graveyard. The new building is to be constructed between two listed walls is in an awkward position.
Photo Voltaic - The project will incorporate a 20 kWp system with 130 sq. metres of P V panels producing an anticipated annual return of 10%, based on the current FIT (feed In tariff).
Ground Source Heat Pump – Three, 100 metre bore holes have been sunk and once commissioned it is anticipated that GSHP will have an annual running cost of £1,310 - not bad for a 400 sq m building.
The GSHP is expected to produce 5,646 kg of Carbon Dioxide each year. As a comparison an oil based system would use 13,004 kg of Carbon Dioxide per annum.*

 (*Please note that these figures are for illustrative purposes only and have been supplied by Ice Energy Ltd.)

Two Code 4 houses in Hertfordshire
Project address: Grange Farm, Bovingdon, Hertfordshire

Delivered to a pre prepared site at the end of February these houses are now nearing completion - a 14 week build.
With a floor area of 209 sq. m these two houses will benefit from state of the art renewable energy sources including Photovoltaic and the vertical ground source heat pump. Both houses will benefit from underfloor heating on both the ground and first floors
These, combined with the insulative qualities and air tightness that a Timberworks building can deliver, will mean that these houses will be extremely energy efficient, cheap to run and will score highly on a code for sustainable homes assessment…


Timberworks Europe use renewables expert, Ice Energy in their latest projects
Project address: Grange Farm, Bovingdon, Hertfordshire

A pair of semi-detached domestic dwellings were recently built using a high quality timber frame which offered extremely good thermal value, plus the advantage of a very quick build time.
Both adjoining dwellings were to optimise the use of dedicated renewable equipment: Ice Energy Ltd were invited to design, supply and install a number of renewable systems for each. These will both utilise a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) linked to a single borehole. The internal heating of the rooms will be via a PexPipe underfloor heating system, whilst the Domestic Hot Water (DHW) storage and heating thereof is integral to the GSHP unit, minimising the plant room space needed. To minimise running costs, the inclusion of solar PV panels ensures both dwellings are extremely "green" with energy for heating kept extremely low. Without considering the fuel savings from the PV system, annual costs for the heating of both of the dwellings is estimated at only £771.
The government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme will soon add even further financial benefits to the owner of the heat pumps. Making the most of renewables in such a well thought-out building illustrates how homes can best be built for the Energy Age we now live in!

Christ Church, Swindon, Wilts - New church hall
Following much research, it was decided to demolish an existing church hall and to replace it with a modern version - a single-storey building with a floor area of 380m².
The ideal scenario was to combine renewable equipment with a well insulated building. The final decision was to select a high quality timber constructed hall with complimentary renewable equipment: Underfloor heating was selected for the heating of the rooms and a proprietary hot water tank selected for provision of domestic hot water for sinks & basins etc. An efficient ground source heat pump system was selected for this project, linked to 3 x boreholes immediately adjacent to the new hall. Ice Energy Ltd provided the whole design, supply & installation package for this project.
The high efficiency of the heat pump and excellent thermal properties of the new structure indicate  heating costs for this large building to be only £1214 p.a. Furthermore, the heat pump equipment selected will be eligible for financial rewards under the government’s RHI scheme; effectively paying the client for choosing this renewable heating method.    
With a the large expanse of roofing available, it was decided to also  install a 20kWp solar PV system with an estimated financial  benefit to the client of circa £3,000 p.a.
With the excellent benefits of such "green" building practice, this particular project could well become a bench mark for similar future projects! 


As a natural evolution of our highly sustainable thermally efficient building system Timberworks Europe has designed, fabricated and installed its first Smartbox. These are essentially custom made modular buildings. 

This particular Smartbox has been designed for use as a showroom for a company delivering high end kitchens and had to be engineered to allow for the installation of an AGA.
Each Smartbox is fabricated offsite and comes fully plumbed and wired to you own specification and design. They can be installed and ready to use in just a few hours.
They are ideal for classrooms, community buildings and offices as well as residential use. Being modular, multiple Smartboxes can be used to scale up a project both in terms of footprint and storeys and they deliver high thermal efficiencies and low running costs.  


Client testimonial from Howard Stubbs of Heaven & Stubbs, bespoke kitchens;
“We required a new showroom for a new location. We wanted the showroom to be a modular building in keeping with its surroundings but also could be moved at a later date if required.
After doing lots of research online at different ideas designs and how the building should look I started to look for companies that could make this for us in a factory.
After sharing with friends our plans I was then recommended to Justin Bentley from Timberworks Europe.
Justin and his team went through a design process with us and working towards our budget, we agreed on a final design and pushed the button. Justin and his team are highly professional and ethical individuals, from the day we first spoke to the day that the building was delivered off the crane on the back of a truck into place I must say that Timberworks Europe are a sound company, very professional and tick all the boxes.
We wouldn't hesitate buying our next building from them.
I can recommend Justin Bentley and Timberworks to anyone who is considering ordering a modular building”.
Best wishes
Howard Stubbs, Heaven & Stubbs Ltd, Unit 1&2 Glebe Farm Park, Farthinghoe, Northamptonshire, NN13 6DN
Smartbox buildings fully comply with and in most aspects exceed current building regulation thresholds. They also meet all DDA requirements. For more information on Smartbox, please go to

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