PROJECT NEWS – New Gamekeepers House, Nr Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

This latest Design & Build project by Timberworks Europe is a 165 sq m single storey house in the open countryside. The accommodation will include a living/dining area, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a large utility area. For more information on this project please go to our website;

The building was ordered in February 2012 and was earmarked to arrive at 8.30 am on the 23rd April. At  8.12 am on the 23rd the trucks rolled up the track bang on schedule  and the team immediately began offloading. By lunchtime on the same day the lorries were heading back to the continent and by the end of the day the external walls had been erected and the team were moving onto the internal walls. The house will be watertight by the 1st May - 7 working days.
Day 1
Day 2

Within the design, Timberworks Europe is using sustainable/recycled materials wherever possible to minimise the impact of the house on the environment. Ongoing energy costs are being offset by argon gas filled double glazing and underfloor heating.

OFFICE OPENINGS – Timberworks Europe has opened two new offices in the UK, one covering the north and the other covering the south west.

Patrick Polglase who is heading up the south west office says; 
"The speed of construction means that this type of building particularly lends itself to sites where disruption must be minimised such as school and community buildings. I am really excited by the opportunity to offer attractive long lasting buildings with really outstanding environmental credentials that will fit into the Cornish landscape."

Contact Patrick on: mob: 07979 508 225 - email:

Kevin Tasker, who is looking after the northern region, has been involved in construction for many years and comments:
"I'm delighted to be working with Timberworks Europe. These are the highest quality factory prefabricated buildings I have seen and they also deliver an environmentally sound product. I believe the speed and simplicity of on-site construction combined with the flexibility of the product from initial design through to finish options offer an unrivalled package."  

Contact Kevin on: mob: 07947 054 695– email:

VILLAGE HALL UPDATE – The village hall at Upper Seagry, started on the 9th January, is now complete and finished on time and on budget. Timberworks Europe has prepared a case study of this project which provides up to date costings of the overall project. If you would like to visit this building or would like a breakdown of the costs of the project please contact

Part of the build included a ground source heat pump. So not only can the owners of the village hall reduce their heating bill by nearly £3,500 per year (showing a payback period of under 10 years) but also reduce their heating carbon footprint by up to 63%.

NOTE: All information in respect of the GSHP has been supplied by Ice Energy Ltd. Timberworks Europe Ltd cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever as to the accuracy of this information.

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