The new community building at Upper Seagry nears completion

The 254 sq m building is entering its final fit out stage following on from the installation of the GSHP and should be finished in 3 weeks. 10 weeks from arrival on site to occupation by the client.
The Ground Source Heat Pump has been supplied and installed by ice Energy

There is an obvious synergy between our buildings and renewables as the insulative qualities of our closed panel system allows these renewables to operate at maximum efficiency, making significant savings in running costs.

Here are some interesting facts about the installed heat pump:
  • Over 1.4 km of piping has been laid in the building 
  • 3 x 100m boreholes have been used to collect the solar heat stored in the ground
  • A cross batten plate has been designed to suit the timber floor construction
  • Anticipated energy demands associated with the heating of the new building indicate a substantial saving compared when comparing the GSHP unit with an Oil-fired boiler. Assuming typical commercial fuel tariffs, the estimated annual fuel costs were calculated as £2,318 with the boiler and £763 with the GSHP unit: representing a 67% saving in fuel costs!
  • Using the same anticipated energy demands, the corresponding CO2 emissions were calculated. The annual figures for both Oil-fired boiler and GSHP equipment are 11,344kg & 4,152kg respectively; representing a 63% saving in CO2 produced
  • The recently launched RHI scheme should directly applies to this project. This is known as the Renewable Heat Incentive and has been endorsed by the government: It has been launched to encourage the selection of `renewable` heating and will provide good financial benefits for those choosing such equipment. Subject to metering, this will be paid regularly to the equipment owner for a 20 year period! For this particular project this is estimated at £1,584 p.a

So not only can the owners of the village hall reduce their heating bill by nearly £3,500 per year (showing a payback period of under 10 years) but also reduce their heating carbon footprint by up to 63%.
NOTE: All information in respect of the GSHP has been supplied by Ice Energy Ltd. Timberworks Europe Ltd cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever as to the accuracy of this information.

Timberworks Europe is a member of

(TRADA - the Timber Research & Development Association).
If you are interested TRADA are involved in a study funded by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) investigating how wood waste could be more effectively captured as a resource to be used in applications such as generating heat and electricity.
As part of this study TRADA would like to invite those who are interested to give us their views.
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