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Sorry for the delay this week - it has been stressful to the max! And thank you for the notes and emails in response to the past issues. I hate I don't have time to reply to every one of them, but know they are all saved and treasured.

Dear friends,

A few weeks ago, I wrote about prayer. I have been thinking a bit more about it since.

In the Hebrew scriptures is the story of Moses. You may remember it from Sunday school, if you grew up in the church, or from the animated movie The Prince of Egypt, if you didn't.

The story goes that the Israelites were enslaved by the King of Egypt, and they cried out to God.

"How long, O God, how long until you free us? Why do you wait?"

Moses had once lived in the king's house, but was now in exile in a land far away. He is in the field one day, tending to his sheep when he sees a bush that is on fire, yet not being consumed. And out of that bush, he heard the voice of God, calling out to him. God had heard the cries of the Isrealites, the voice in the bush said, and God had a plan to rescue them.

That plan was Moses. Moses was to be the means by which God would free the slaves.

Moses was the answer to their prayers.

There are hurting people everywhere. The unemployed man who feels less than human because he cannot feed his family. The single mom stressed beyond belief, trying to raise her kids and feed them at the same time. The cleaning lady that works three jobs to get by, the kid who will fall through the cracks unless someone intervenes.

And these hurting people kneel by their bed, or maybe they sit at their desk, and they cry out to God - How much longer? Why don't you answer our prayers?.

They wait on God to act. Meanwhile, God waits on us.

We are the answer to their prayers. We are the means by which God brings heaven to earth.

I just hope we don't have to see a burning bush to realize it.

Much love and peace, 


Hugh Hollowell

About Hugh

In addition to being the writer of Praxis, Hugh is a speaker, a blogger, a minister in the Mennonite Church USA and the Director of Love Wins Ministries

He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife and two lazy cats. 
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