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Hey y'all!

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!

So, new program. Instead of emailing you each individual post as it comes out (and thus potentially filling your inbox) I'm just going to share them with you on Friday morning, along with other links I think people who like my stuff might find interesting. 

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Here are some things I wanted to share with you this week.

One of the things that distinguishes blogging, in my mind at least, from writing essays is that blogging is more of an extended conversation, over time. Right now I am building out the site with some new content, but also things I have published elsewhere that are important to the larger story I am telling and that I want to be able to link to later. That is why on Thursday I republished the letter I sent to the committee that wanted to award my Dad for being the Pandemic Hero of 2020 in our hometown. It’s as close as I’ve come to writing his eulogy. (Expect more Dad content in the days and weeks to come.
On Tuesday I wrote about plants that come with stories and memories attached to them. Karen and Toney will also figure in future posts.
During the pandemic, I have been walking more, and listening to audiobooks on that walk. I just finished Brandi Carlile’s Broken Horses, which is amazing, but I recommend you get the audiobook if you can. She is an Americana singer/songwriter, and at the end of each chapter, sings a song or two that played heavily in that chapter.
Related to that, my musician friends tell me that the single best way I can support them is to not rely on streaming, but to actually buy their music. Brandi Carlile’s 2019 album By the Way, I Forgive You is like going to church (in the good way.) If you haven’t seen the video for her hit The Joke from that album, you should .I get chills. Her latest album, In These Silent Days, dropped this morning and I bought it before I even made coffee. 
Like many folks, I was introduced to Anthony Bourdain’s writing through Kitchen Confidential, his tell-all book about the culinary world.  But over time, I came to feel like I knew him, and that he died from his mental illness makes me, someone who almost died from mine, feel all the closer to him. So this piece in Vanity Fair where his family and friends describe his obsessive relationship with Asia Argento before his death, hit hard to me, both as a fan, and as a survivor.
I am currently obsessed with this sea salt dark chocolate from, of all places, Kroger.

Thanks for reading. If you have thoughts on any of these or have recommendations or just want to say hi, just hit reply. I read it all, even if sometimes volume prevent my responding. 

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