In this issue: Dramatic houseplants, being healthy, and even more gratitude.
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Hey y’all!

Today is a busy day as I clear the decks before next week’s holiday, so let’s jump into it, shall we?

Things I wrote

It’s still the month of gratitude on the blog. This is all part of a 30-day series I am writing on my blog, where each day I tell a story about something for which I am thankful. (If you want to know about them when they come out, the easiest way is to do that is by doing any of the options on this page). You can see all the past entries at this link.

Things I found (while looking for other things)

A thing I found this week was the Reddit page called Today I Learned. It’s filled with fascinating things that someone learned today. Tip – you may want to check the comments (one of the few times on the internet this is true!) as commenters will often provide additional, relevant information to the original post. (While you are there, check out the Reddit page called Dramatic House Plants).

I also found this text-based weather site. It loads super quick because it has no ads or graphics.  Just type ​​ in your browser (for example, mine is  ​​, but you may have to play around to find yours.)

One of the gifts ADHD gives me is insatiable curiosity. Sadly, you can’t really focus this – instead I find it most helpful to ride it like a wave – sometimes it means you fall in love with something (like I did with woodcarving) and sometimes it means you try something for two weeks and never touch it again (like the ukulele in the corner of my office.  

As a result, I have learned to buy cheap tools in the beginning of any new adventure. In the beginning, you don’t really know what you need – I bought two sets of woodcarving chisels I haven’t touched in a year, and there are really only 3 I use with any regularity. So buy cheap, and then upgrade what you use a lot. Like this woodburning kit I just bought myself on Amazon. I’m interested, but who knows if it will stick?

Are any of you out there pyrographers? If so, hit me up with tips.

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I hope you have a great weekend!

Take care, 


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