In this issue: Atheist friends, cars that answer prayers, and penny candy. And my new cell phone. 
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Hey y’all!

I’m in the home stretch as far as this gratitude project goes. Next week I will write up a long reflection on it, but so far I’m both grateful for it (How meta!) and also frustrated by it – which is basically how I respond to nearly everything that is good for me.

We did a quick trip to Little Rock to have Thanksgiving with my (fully vaccinated) Sister-in-law and her family, and pulled back into Jackson around 10 last night. Driving 10 hours out of 36 is no joke to this middle-aged back, and I predict much standing and stretching today.

Anyway – here are some things I want to share with you this week:

From the blog:

This week, I’m grateful for:
Friends from other religions – We walk together, even if we don’t follow the same path.
My neighborhood grocery stores – My grandmother is one of my heroes.
Safe reliable cars – Can a 97 Kia be an answer to a prayer?
My atheist friends – I aspire to the faith of my atheist friends.
Our yard – It’s a work in progress, but it makes us happy.
Childhood memories of Thanksgiving – You should read this one if for no other reason to see my favorite picture of my mom.
For chosen family -  Family can also be a decision, instead of a mere accident of biology.

Other stuff:

My friend John turned me on to Tank’s Good News, a website with, well, good news. There are several of these, but this is the best (least saccharine-sweet) one I have found so far.

I’m sorta fascinated with the artwork of Danica Gim. It hits lots of my sweet spots (pro-woman, body positive, minimalistic), although her business model confuses me a bit.

I’m a horrible consumer – this is Black Friday, after all, and all I have bought (or plan to buy, honestly) is some earbud replacement earpieces. But I did do a lot of research earlier this week and bought this cell phone – it is the sweet spot of reliability, battery life, specs, price, and camera. It’s not part of any deal today, but it IS a good deal, even at the normal prices. It comes in this weekend, and I will report back after I have used it a while.

And somebody (finally) paid me some money I was owed for a project I did a while back, and I treated myself to this new bandsaw, which came Wednesday while I was on the road and is currently awaiting my unboxing.

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OK, holiday week and all that, so I'm gonna go unbox my bandsaw. Y'all be good to each other, OK? 


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