In this issue: Introversion, energy management, village mysteries, and I ask for help. 
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Hey y’all!

This was energy management week over on the blog, it seems. I really do think that we spend a lot of time talking about time management, when we really ought to be talking about energy management instead. We all have the same amount of time – 24 hours a day – but life often feels so overwhelming that our energy for doing the thing is shot in short order.

On the Blog

People are expensive for people with brains like mine. I use my favorite metaphor for explaining introversion in this blog piece, the most shared thing I’ve written yet on this blog.

Continuing on the theme of energy and introversion on Thursday, I wrote about giving priority to managing your energy in this post.

Things I Wanted To Share

The host of NPR’s Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me, Peter Sagal, posted a list of his rules for Twitter. These are really solid for any social media interaction, not just Twitter. There are some valuable follow-up pieces in the thread as well.

I love me some Merlin Mann. I’ve been following his stuff since… 2004? Anyway, here is his list of “wisdom” he has gathered over the years and posted. It’s solid stuff, filled with tips and heuristics he has found useful. This is a generous offering, and I am considering making a similar page on the website. If you have “wisdom” you have found useful, hit replay and share it.

Merriam-Webster has a feature on their site where, if you tell them a year, it will tell you what words were first used in print that year. For example, the year I was born was the first year the words gentrify, eco-conscious, and floppy disk were published.

Media I'm Digging

I love a good British village mystery. There are lots of reasons for this, but for now, just know they are my happy place. I had run through all the usual suspects (2020-21 has accelerated my stress-reading tendencies) and was floundering about when I discovered the Max Tudor books by G. M. Malliet. They are well done, if not perfect, and work great for my audiobook while walking habit I have going on.

For Patrons

If you are a Patron, I have a new project in the works just for you. Here is how I described it in my other, wordier, newsletter:

I want to tell you about two unrelated things, which I will then tie together.

1) In 2016, I started writing a book about community. It grew out of the work I was doing at the time,  working on the front lines of addiction and homelessness. I got about 2/3rd of the way through it, and then ADHD kicked in and then I fell into a pool of depression and almost died. But the draft is still on my hard drive. And I haven’t known what to do with it.

2) All of my independent writing (such as this newsletter, and my blog, and my other newsletter) is funded by my Patrons, who are awesome. They are also the only way I can afford to do this stuff.

So, next month will be “Get more Patrons so Hugh can keep making cool stuff” month. (The Marketing Department here at World Headquarters is working on a better title.) And in light of that, I will be reworking, editing, and serially releasing chapters of the book for Patrons, most likely weekly.

I may then decide to self-publish the book, as a way of putting a cap on that chapter of my life. I haven’t decided yet.

So anyway, if you are looking for a good reason to become a Patron and support my work, here you go.

One last thing:

I don’t do this sort of thing much, but as some of you know, my wife had a heart transplant six years ago. Her good friend Dave was listed at the same time, and because of a calamity of misfortune, is now listed for a second transplant. He is now hospitalized until a new donor shows up, and this is financially wrecking their family. This literally could have been us. I wrote a long post about it over on Facebook, giving more details, but if you would have helped us if we asked for it, I hope you will consider giving to their GoFundMe campaign. If you would rather give by PayPal or other means, hit reply and I will connect you.

Thanks for reading. If you have thoughts on any of these or have recommendations for me or just want to say hi, just hit reply. I read it all, even if sometimes volume prevent my responding. 

If you want to support this project, you can sign up to be a Patron or buy me a book or forward this email to your friends. And if someone did forward this to you, you can get your own subscription here.

Take care, 


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