In this issue: An atheist in the pandemic, an emotional week, and doing the thing.
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Hey y’all!

It’s a rough week for me – I explain why in the first link – and I’ve given myself permission to take things a bit slow this week. I didn’t schedule much, and I’ve resisted commitments. Add to that that I was traveling on Monday and it makes for an unsettling feeling, like I’ve been wearing someone else’s clothes. I almost said I hope I feel normal again soon, but 19 months into this pandemic, who even knows what normal is anymore.

Here are some things I want to share with you this week.

Sometimes, all the things happen at once. That is this week for me in a nutshell.

I write a lot about my life with ADHD and depression. People who also have not-typical brains tell me they feel known when I do it, and people who have typical brains tell me they understand their loved ones who don’t, better. So this week, I wrote about what it means to not be able to do the thing.

My friend Lisa is a poet, and I loved this prose poem, Having No Certainty, she shared last week. It hit me all in the feels. And what a line: The church smelled like lemon oil and beeswax as I stood in it twenty years ago, the stains of slavery streaming out through sparkling windows, then creeping back to peer in again through every color of glass.

An Atheist Reconsiders God in the Pandemic. This is lovely, and hopeful, and rings true. (It may show up behind a paywall. If it does, open it in an incognito window on your browser and Bob’s your uncle.)

I read this hilarious story told by Douglas Adams (of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame), and then found a video clip of him telling the story to David Letterman. The clip should start in the right place, but if not, the story starts at the 2:45 mark.

I was traveling this past weekend and lost my headphones, so I bought some new Bluetooth earbuds on clearance at a Walmart in Arkansas, and now I am in love with them. I’m using them to listen to the audiobook of Braiding Sweetgrass, on my daily walks, a book which at least 3,000 people told me I would like. They were not wrong.  

Thanks for reading. If you have thoughts on any of these or have recommendations for me or just want to say hi, just hit reply. I read it all, even if sometimes volume prevent my responding. 

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