In this issue: Endings, second chances, and Snoopy music. 
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Hey y’all!


That is the number I’m focusing on these days, as I’m in a countdown until the winter solstice, when the days once again start to become longer. And in 32 days, they will be longer than they are now.

We live on the 32nd parallel, and so we never go under 10 hours of sunlight a day, but when we lived further north and they got even shorter it was debilitating for me, so I bought myself this light, which I usually end up breaking out for a few weeks around the solstice every year when the SAD just becomes too much.

This week I finished up the gratitude series on the blog. I wrote a wrap-up piece here about some of the lessons I learned doing it. Another one that I didn’t mention is that over 30 days, I managed to figure out a routine that fit into my life, so I have, thus far, anyway, decided to continue with the daily blogging.

For now.

Here are the pieces from this week on the blog.

  1. Hope is a choice – Do people change?
  2. Reflecting on 30 days of gratitude – My wrap-up of the series.
  3. You. – None of this happens without you.
  4. For slow mornings – the best part of my day, hands down.
  5. For second acts – It is never too late to be what you might have been.
  6. Heather – An incredibly personal story that gives more context to #1, above.  
  7. Friends from other cultures – All of us are better than any of us.

Here’s a few things I liked this week:

I pretty much have Vince Guaraldi on endless shuffle these days. It’s the soundtrack of my childhood, and has the added advantage of being (mostly) without lyrics, which is handy if I’m writing or editing. This album is my favorite. I’m such a nerd.

This article right here sums up why I don’t have a book on bookshelves somewhere: I can’t afford to.  Luckily, I do manage to write “professionally” and make a reasonable part-time income using blogs, newsletters and patronage. (If you are wondering what to get me for Christmas, I would love a few new Patrons.)

Someone who meant a lot to me, who was very important to my story and I loomed large in hers, died this week from suicide. I will write much more about this soon, but this morning my friend and socialist troubadour Bullfrog wrote me.

My friend had been there when I performed Bullfrog and Ash’s wedding, and Bullfrog reminded me of that memory, and gave me a link to this song, which he performed at his Grandma’s funeral. The main reason this newsletter is late today is because I listened to that song half a dozen times, tears rolling down my face.

Life is short and hard and full of shock and pain. Luckily, it’s also full of beauty, else I don’t know how I would stand it.

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Y'all be good to each other, OK? 


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