Tailgate Party

So... this coming Sunday we are planning to have a tailgate party in the parking lot at the church building.  Some of you are likely aware that the weather forecast for Sunday is not looking quite as sunny as we would hope!  We also know that predicting the weather is a bit like predicting when the Oilers will win the Stanley Cup.  So here's the plan:  If the weather is rainy, we will postpone our tailgate party.  If you want further confirmation on Sunday, we will post an update in the comment section on the facebook premiere of our online service.  Basically, if it is raining, we will postpone... if you are not sure, check facebook.  

And if you need a reminder... here are the details for our tailgate party. 

We are asking you to bring food only for yourself and your family.  Do not bring any food or drinks to share.  We want to stay within Alberta Health guidelines, so bring your own food and drinks, and bring a chair, because we are going to be outside so we can easily maintain the required physical distance.   It will be a chance to see and visit with church family and friends you may not have seen for some time!  If weather permits, we will be good to go for 1:00pm on Sunday, June 28.