Near the end of Jesus' life and ministry, he had a meal with his closest friends.  Sometime during that meal, Jesus took a piece of bread, and a cup, and after praying, he gave them to his friends and asked them to eat and drink.  He told them that the bread and the cup were his body and blood that were broken and shed for the forgiveness of sin, and he asked them to do this as a way of remembering him.  We often refer to this as communion.

In our church family, we have celebrated this remembrance every Sunday.  Due to the coronavirus, we have not shared in communion as a family.  We believe that this remembrance is important, so starting this Sunday, we are going to provide an online communion experience for followers of Jesus who would like to engage.  On Sunday, at 10:30am, prior to our main service, you will be able to watch a Facebook communion thought and prayer.  Communion is something Jesus introduced for people who have chosen to follow him, so we have always had a time to celebrate that is apart from our main service.  Our main service will continue to be available at 11:00am.  If you would like to engage, the communion video will be on our website at   

In the past, when we have celebrated communion live, each person would receive a small piece of bread, and a small cup of grape juice to remember Jesus, as he asked.  While Jesus used unleavened bread and wine, you may have some crackers or bread at home and possibly some grape juice that you can use.  The idea of communion is centered around remembering Jesus, not around whether you are sharing in the same type of drink and bread that Jesus used.  If you are at the grocery store, or someone is shopping for you, maybe you can add a small grape juice to your shopping list!

Following the communion video, we encourage you to share in the bread and cup with other believers in your family at home.  And if you are watching alone, you can know that others in our church family are celebrating with you, even if we are celebrating in different physical locations.

Some of you may already have been engaging in your own time of communion... good on you!  Keep it up!  For others, this may provide the spark needed for you to pause and remember Jesus in this way...  his body and blood that was broken and shed, in order for us to be made right with God.  That's worth remembering!

As always, our main service is available at 11:00am each Sunday through our website.  Simply go to and click on "Online Service".  You will have the option of watching on Facebook or Youtube. 

Stay safe, and continue to pray that God would use this time to draw people close to him, and increase His Kingdom.  I look forward to "seeing" and "hearing" you and your friends online this Sunday at 11:00am.