To See and Be Seen!

One of the things that we have lost over these past couple of months is the personal contact that comes from meeting together regularly.  In our staff meeting this week, we came up with an idea to try and address that loss.  We want to give our church family the opportunity to see and be seen!  Here's the plan: 

1) Pull out your cell phone and take a short video of you and your family.  It only needs to be a few seconds of you or your crew giving a wave, holding a poster with your family name on it, or whatever creative thing you want to to for a few seconds!  Need an idea?  Click on the "i need some ideas" logo for some photos to inspire your video! 
Your video should only be a few seconds, and will not need to include sound!
2) Send your video to  We will edit and compile the videos into one, and post it for all of us to see and be seen!

How easy it that!  It will only take you a few seconds to smile and wave, and we will have a fun way to connect, even in just a small way, with our church family.  So how 'bout it?  Are you in?  I hope so!  See and be seen... I can't wait to see you in your video!