More Good News

Well, as I type this eNews, it is a beautiful morning in Edmonton.  There's something about nice weather that is just encouraging!  Later this morning we will be recording my message for our Sunday morning online service.  Preaching on Friday morning has become a very strange routine!  This Sunday, I will continue our theme of Good News.  As we did last week, I want to share some good news stories to lift our collective spirit during a time when we have witnessed our share of bad news.  We will have some fun, and hopefully put a smile on your face.  A smile that you can share with someone you know!  In fact, why not invite a invite a friend to watch... maybe you know someone who could use some encouragement.

And here's one more bit of good news... next Sunday we want to invite you to join us for lunch, as we host an outdoor lunch at the church campus.  This will be a bit different than our typical "potluck" lunch, as we are asking you to bring food only for yourself and your family.  Do not bring any food or drinks to share.  Our youth pastor has called this a selfish potluck!  We want to stay within Alberta Health guidelines, so bring your own food and drinks, and bring a chair, because we are going to be outside so we can easily maintain the required physical distance.  Think of it like a tailgate party before a football game!  It will be a chance to see and visit with church family and friends you may not have seen for some time!  Of course this is all weather-permitting... but if it is anything like our weather this morning, we will be good to go for 1:00pm on Sunday, June 28.  Hope to see you then!