Refinery Church name change

If you’ve been around our church family over the last couple of years, you know that we have been in the process of pursuing a name church from Christ’s Church of the Meadows to Refinery Church, which harkens to the process of being refined by God to reflect his image.  Initially, our plan was to vote on the name change back in April, but the coronavirus quarantine prevented us from doing so.  We are now at a place in time where the Leadership Team and Staff believe that we should revisit our name change vote.   

On our website we have posted details about when we will be voting, the voting process, and who is eligible to vote.  Please click on the Refinery Church logo at the top of this article to see the details.

By clicking on the Refinery Church logo, you will also have opportunity to hear the vision for our new name as I shared at our annual meeting back in February.  I also plan to share this vision at our online gathering on August 9, as we launch the voting window for our name change.  Finally, you will discover an article about the Biblical refining process that I hope you would enjoy reading.

I will continue to update our name change over the next several weeks, but hope you will read through the details on our website.  I am so excited to be moving forward with this, and I hope that you are too!