To See and Be Seen!

Ok, so last week in my eNews, I invited you to get involved in our crazy idea to connect with our church family.  The idea is to see and be seen!  I asked you to take a short video of you and your family and send it to the church office where we will compile all the videos into one, and then post it for all of us to see and be seen.  Some of you have already responded... thanks for participating!  If you haven't sent in your video yet, I hope that you would take a moment to do so.  It won't take long to do, and we would love to see you.  If you have a couple of minutes, you could do it right now!

If you need an idea for your video, please click on the "i need some ideas" picture.  I have included some new ideas to help inspire you!

Your video only needs to be a few seconds long, and you can send it to   We are hoping to compile and post the videos for this Sunday, so please send your video soon!