Spread the Word!

I hope that you have been joining us for our online Sunday gatherings.  These online moments are a connecting point for our church family and friends, and so my hope is that not only have you been connecting, but that you've been inviting a friend to watch our services as well.  Why the challenge to invite a friend to watch?  Because our online service is such a tremendous opportunity to give our friends a taste of who God is and what our church family is about.  It really is all about providing our friends with a way to take a first step towards connecting with God and with his church family.

This Sunday, August 2, I will be wrapping up our current series, It's Personal, where we've been talking about how adults become Christians.  The series is based on teaching from pastor Andy Stanley, and it some of the best when it comes to helping people who have questions or obstacles about becoming a Christian.  This is why I want to challenge you to invite a friend to watch this Sunday as we conclude the series.

I believe this final instalment has the power to change lives and alter eternities... maybe the life of the friend you invite.  Think about that for a moment. 

We have a tremendous opportunity this Sunday.  Let's spread the word.