"There wasn't much traffic about, so I pushed the old noga through the floorboards, and the Durango 95 ate up the road like spaghetti." 
Anthony Burgess, The Clockwork Orange

New Photos!

Well, well, well....The bike is sold and I am now comfortably ensconced in a hostal in La Paz, Bolivia. Is it over?  They ask, I can't think so for a minute, but minutes I have for now and so I'm beavering away at a computer and catching up on long overdue blogs and photos.  Photos first though, and for now a bounty from the somewhat infamous Carretera Austral in Chile.  Even I have to say that I think there are some really nice images from this beautiful area in the south of Chile.

I'll get cracking on blog posts soon....

Go here to see the photos or click the links above:

Enjoy the pics....

The beautful Carretera Austral
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