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A weekly dose of inspirational stories about women in tech
Each issue will include stories about women in tech who are doing amazing and inspiring work. It will also include tips, advice and resources on coding for those who are just getting started.


🙏 Thank you so much for giving me feedback on the newsletter. You all gave some great suggestions. I take your feedback seriously and it will shape the newsletter. If you haven't yet, please do fill out the survey.

💼 A common theme in the survey was that a lot of you are looking for jobs. I'll make sure to include more career development resources. Make sure to check out the Hiring Without Whiteboards list in this issue!

✍️ Another suggestion was to highlight women who are writing books about tech. Love this idea! I forgot to add a name field in the feedback form initially 😬. Thank you to whoever suggested this.

I had a lot of fun this week learning about women authors in tech. I'm looking forward to share all the books I discovered. Please let me know if you have any book suggestions!

⭐️ Just an FYI but the newsletter will look slightly different next week. Our community has been growing which is absolutely great but MailChimp has become expensive to maintain. I'll be switching to a new newsletter tool.


Get Inspired: Women in Tech Doing Amazing Things 🎉


Words of Wisdom: Advice from Women in Tech 🙏


"Why beat yourself up for things you don't know? Nobody knows everything! If you want to get better at them, focus in on some deliberate practice with goals, and you WILL get better!" - Nicole Archambault, Web developer and educational technology (EdTech) entrepreneur

"First day of work kicked my butt. It was tempting to say 'you hired the wrong person' and walk out the door. But I didn't - I went home, got a good night's rest, and came in early today. Looked at the code with fresh eyes and made my first commits"Katy Hollobaugh, Fullstack Web Developer and Section Lead/Project Manager at Lambda School

Your Toolbox: Resources on Coding 📚

If you are new to coding, start with one of these resources:
CodeacademyCoursera or FreeCodeCamp.

Learn to Code

Career: Preparing for a Job in Tech 📝


Food for Thought: Interesting Reads ☕

Resources & Opportunities

  A list of companies (or teams) that don't do "whiteboard" interviews. The companies and teams listed here use interview techniques and questions that resemble day-to-day work.

Engineering Apprenticeship at Nava PBC
Their engineering apprenticeship is a full-time, 4-month program beginning in July 2019. They’ll provide on-the-job training, and a path towards full-time employment.

Mozilla Fellowships
They are seeking technologists, activists, policy experts, and scientists devoted to a healthy internet.

Paid Developer Internship
Get experience coding modern web apps. Only basic coding skills are required. 100% post-internship placement. HS students are welcome. Work from anywhere.
Find more opportunities at Diversify Tech
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