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A weekly dose of inspirational stories about women in tech
Each issue will include stories about women in tech who are doing amazing and inspiring work. It will also include tips, advice and resources on coding for those who are just getting started.


I've been working on Diversify Tech to connect people like you and me with resources to help us thrive in the tech industry. I'm launching it at the end of the month so it's been crunch time 😁. So far we have tech conference scholarships and bootcamp scholarships.

🌟I just added sites to help you with your job search. Some of the sites list companies founded by women and people of color. Others specifically help women and other underrepresented people in tech in their job hunt. Take a look.

🚀The more options the better so I added a job board as well. When companies post a position, I'm asking them for the number of women and people of color on the team as well as what their interview process looks like. What else would you like to know before you apply for a job? Here is the job board btw.

👩‍💻Blueraster is hiring for several positions. Make sure to check out the opportunities section. They hire bootcamp graduates! Email me if you have any questions about the roles or the organization. I'll pass it onto the company.

As always, I'd love to hear about what you are working on as well as any feedback about the newsletter. Feel free to reply and let me know what you think! 


Get Inspired: Women in Tech Doing Amazing Things 🎉

Breaking Into Startups
In 2017, Iris Nevins decided to leave her work as a teacher in Florida to attend a bootcamp in the Bay Area - but it was not without its own struggles. Iris believes that when you’re on your path, no matter the road blocks, serendipitous things will happen. In 2018, Iris landed a job as a software engineer at MailChimp.
Our Star Wars Stories
Meet Christina Cato, a Star Wars fan who taught herself the art and science of building fully operational droids.

Words of Wisdom: Advice from Women in Tech 🙏

“Try to find what your passion is. What do you want to do? Do you have a vision for where you want to go? Never deviate from that. If I use myself as an example, I always knew that I wanted to travel and see the world. So I ended up in a profession that enabled me to do that. That’s really my passion—to be a global citizen, to see the world, to help other people do that. And that’s what I do, I work as a Global Mobility Leader in the tech industry.  - Jessica Skye Paul, Global Mobility Leader at Facebook [Read more]

"Being able to teach yourself new things and extend your existing knowledge is the most important skill to have as a developer." - Ali Spittel, Lead instructor, General Assembly [Read more]

Your Toolbox: Resources on Coding 📚

If you are new to coding, start with one of these resources:
CodeacademyCoursera or FreeCodeCamp.
Dynamic Property Name with ES6
Samantha Ming
Sarah Drasner & Burke Holland
  What is React?
Michelle Colón

Career: Preparing for a Job in Tech 📝


Food for Thought: Interesting Reads ☕




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