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A weekly dose of inspirational stories about women in tech
Each issue will include stories about women in tech who are doing amazing and inspiring work. It will also include tips, advice and resources on coding for those who are just getting started.


 The launch of Diversify Tech on Product Hunt went way better than I expected. Thank you all so much for coming out to support the initiative!

 There's been a lot of discussion on speaking engagements this week. Smashing Magazine brought up speakers fees and the broken culture within commercial events. Jenny Shen talked about her year as a speaker from the point of view of a self-employed, women and person of color.

 I was really disappointed to hear about the microaggressions, racism, and exclusion happening at Girl Develop It. If you haven't yet, listen to Shanise share her experience with the organization on the #causeascene podcast.

As always, I'd love to hear about what you are working on and any feedback about the newsletter. Feel free to reply and let me know what you think! 


Get Inspired: Women in Tech Doing Amazing Things 🎉

Women in STEM Advent Calendar

The Ada Lovelace Day initiative is celebrating the festive season by honoring 25 amazing women in STEM!

Words of Wisdom: Advice from Women in Tech 🙏

“When I started coding a year ago, I did 20-30 min at a time, and that was an accomplishment. As I fell in love with coding, I overcame the impossible and found 2-4 hours a day to code. We all start somewhere. Don’t let someone else’s reality affect yours.” Bekah Hawrot Weigel, Coach at Moms Can: Code

Your Toolbox: Resources on Coding 📚

If you are new to coding, start with one of these resources:
CodeacademyCoursera or FreeCodeCamp.
Ellie Galloway

Imposter Syndrome: What it is, Why it Happens, and How to Stop the Madness

Career: Preparing for a Job in Tech 📝


Food for Thought: Interesting Reads ☕



Get feedback on your resume.

iOSCon 2019 Diversity Scholarship Plan
London, UK | March 21st - March 22nd
iOSCon celebrates the latest developments and the sharpest minds in iOS. Scholarship deadline is February 21st.
Lighthouse Labs in Canada is Offering a Scholarship for Women
The Jaime Leverton Scholarship will be awarded to four exceptional women looking to begin their developer journey and give back to their community. Each recipient will receive $5000 towards tuition, provided in tandem by Cogeco Peer 1 and Lighthouse Labs.

npm is Seeking a Remote Software Engineer
npm, Inc. | Remote - US | $145,000 - $165,000
 18 total
 8 women
 2 people of color
Application Deadline is December 21st!

ISL is Looking for a Web Developer in DC
 6 total
 2 women
 2 people of color
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