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A weekly dose of inspirational stories about women in tech
Each issue will include stories about women in tech who are doing amazing and inspiring work. It will also include tips, advice and resources on coding for those who are just getting started.


🙌 I am excited to have LaBrina Loving share her story with us this week. She is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft. She is one of the few women I know of who started in tech back in the late 90s around the same time as me. She talked about how she got into IT with an Industrial Engineering background, what her role at Microsoft looks like and how she progressed in her career. Make sure to read her story here.

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Get Inspired: Women in Tech Doing Amazing Things 🎉

Code with Veni
LaBrina who studied Industrial Engineer saw an opportunity in tech during the “dotcom boom” and and took it. Now, with 18 years under her belt, she works with large organizations to help them build and innovate their products in the cloud using many technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data and Analytics, and MR/VR!

An Interview with Melissa Ortiz
Pearl Lanre
Melissa is a mom of three, who went from pursuing a career in Social work to being a full stack developer. All this after being a stay at home mom for a few years. Read this interview to find out how to know if coding can be the right career path for you, where to get started and most importantly how to juggle a career change despite the "busy-ness" of life. 
Lydia Dishman
When you have a technology that’s only 10 years old, women and underrepresented minorities have the chance to change this corner of the tech industry.

Words of Wisdom: Advice from Women in Tech 🙏

Many tech jobs ask for “good communication” skills. We don’t need more presos or emails. Good communication in tech means: respectfully conveying true feelings, addressing difficult convos w/ empathy, building consensus w/o back channels, inspiring/motivating others - Melanie Ensign, Security & Privacy Comms at Uber [Read more]
Sometimes I feel imposter syndrome, insecure that I don't know enough - how to write Facebook, or an OS kernel, or how to use functional programming - but then I remember I changed careers without school and travelled alone for months with nothing but a backpack. I'll learn. - Tania Rascia, Frontend Software Engineer, Designer & Writer [Read more]

Your Toolbox: Resources on Coding 📚

If you are new to coding, start with one of these resources:
CodeacademyCoursera or FreeCodeCamp.

Learn to Code

Career: Preparing for a Job in Tech 📝

Chloe Condon          

Food for Thought: Interesting Reads ☕




Good for PoC
Unfortunately, the project is shutting down. They are using the remaining funds to sponsor educational opportunities for people of color in design and technology.
  Julia Evans
This zine gives you a few tips for how to work together with your manager better! The book is $10 but Julia is offering it for free if you can't afford that.
A month-long celebration of open source software in October. If you’ve never contributed to an open source project before, check out their contributing to open source guide.
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