Samuel Claiborne Co-Creative Healing Newsletter - November 2018

OMG it's been a long time! Welcome to another edition! I promise to always keep things brief, and to never, ever bombard you with lots of emails. This newsletter is, at most, once-a-month event, although an occasional special announcement is also possible.
Life's been incredibly busy, and incredibly rewarding, and I've been off the radar for over a year as I've worked on my two books, my own healing, and my healing practice. 

This is a short 'newsletter', because I haven't written any new blog posts, articles, or recorded any new meditations, but that's changing VERY SOON!

So, let's just make it short and sweet:

1) You can now book appointments right on my website! Just Click Here to make an appointment! You can also prepay for the appointment at the same time, if you choose. 
2) I am now doing remote sessions, both for physical ills, and energetic 'housecleaning' of your body and aura. Testimonials for this work will be added to the website soon as well.
3) The practice continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and I am so grateful to be able to co-create healing with my clients. I've added another day. I am now seeing clients on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
4) There will be a new grounding meditation on the website soon, and new blog entry, so do pay a visit in the next few weeks.
5) I am still doing sessions at the free RVHHC clinic in Stone Ridge, every third Tuesday of the month.
6) On the horizon? A youtube video channel with short videos. Some weekend-long intensive group-healing seminars. 

I hope you have a joyous Thanksgiving and hope to speak with you soon.

- Samuel
Burning Man, September 2017
Client Testimonials

After much constructive criticism (deeply appreciated!), I've created a very short, concise shielding meditation. 

There are two parts, a short introduction, and then the meditation itself.

And now you don't need to deal with dropbox etc., because I am inaugurating a new


on my website! 

You can either play it on the website itself, or download the mp3 to your own device to have your own personal copy.

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I hope you enjoyed this newsletter. 
Feedback and cross-fertilization are always welcomed.
Be Well!
Samuel Claiborne
Medical Intuitive and Co-Creative Healer 
Creator of the AuraLuminance Technique 
and Shamanic Psychology
Associate in Ortho-Bionomy


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