Samuel Claiborne Co-Creative Healing Newsletter - September 2016

Welcome to another edition! I promise to always keep things brief, and to never, ever bombard you with lots of emails. This newsletter is a once-a-month event, although an occasional special announcement is also possible.
If you are unfamiliar with me, my work, my story, and are curious, this might be a good place to start. It's an interview from a documentary about people who live with chronic pain, and it describes a lot of my journey, my relationship with pain, and how I went from someone with no hope and a desire for death to a place of service in the lovely dance I call co-creative healing.

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Busy. And more focused than I've ever been. It seems like my life is gaining more and more focus the more healing work I do. 

My first book, Walking Through Snow, which is about my journey back from quadriplegia, brain damage, and PTSD to health, is nearing the end of its internal edit, which means that I am actively looking for an editor to work with and trusting that the Universe will bring the right one to me.

I now have two more books in the healing realm planned. And my first book of poetry has a publisher interested, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

This month, I thought it might be interesting to share an excerpt from Walking Through Snow with you. I call this section Pain is the Road Back. It's about an incident that happened to me at my absolute lowest point, a point of total broken-ness, when I was actively praying for death. Instead, I received a visitation, or perhaps a mirage, I don't know. I only know that this odd, hallucinatory experience was a turning point for me.

I've also included a song from my newest CD, 2015's Love, Lust, and Genocide, called 'Broken'. It is about this time, and it's my favorite song on the album, and it's yours to keep. All you need to do is go to the article page HERE. At the bottom of the page, you will see a player so you can listen to the song on-site, as well as a link that you can right-click to save your very own copy of the mp3 of the song. I hope you enjoy it.
If you want to listen to the song 'Broken' right here instead, well, here it is...

After much constructive criticism (deeply appreciated!), I've created a very short, concise shielding meditation. 

There are two parts, a short introduction, and then the meditation itself.

And now you don't need to deal with dropbox etc., because I am inaugurating a new


on my website! 

You can either play it on the website itself, or download the mp3 to your own device to have your own personal copy.

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New article on my website, 
Pain is the Road Back
I hope you enjoyed this newsletter. 
Feedback and cross-fertilization are always welcomed.
Be Well!
Samuel Claiborne
Medical Intuitive and Co-Creative Healer 
Creator of the AuraLuminance Technique 
and Shamanic Psychology
Associate in Ortho-Bionomy


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