NEW 3D InSightâ„¢ 14 Day Hepatotoxicity Testing Service 
 3D Screen Cell3iMager Neo, TEDD Annual Meeting

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September closed with exciting news about the granting of our Hanging Drop Patent in the US!  The good news keeps coming, as our October newsletter highlights two new ways to help streamline 3D toxicity testing and tumor spheroid imaging. Both make great ways to move your 3D testing forward with the months remaining in 2015, and into the new year.  

NEW 3D InSightâ„¢ 14 Day Hepatotoxicity Testing Service
Long-term, repeat-dose toxicity screening in 3D primary hepatocytes

• Primary human hepatocyte/Kupffer cell co-culture
• Repeat-dosing over 14 days with ATP endpoint
• Proprietary 3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues
• Convenient runs the first week of each month

To meet increased demand for testing in our physiologically integrated hepatocyte models, InSphero now offers convenient, cost-effective monthly screening runs in our patent-pending 3D InSightâ„¢ Human Liver Microtissues.  Our new 14 Day Hepatotoxicity Testing Service begins the first week of each month at just $990 per compound with no minimum.  Test one compound, or test dozens.  We’ll screen them and return data to you three weeks after the first dosing.  Reserve space for your compounds in our next run and begin receiving more mechanistically accurate, biologically relevant results.

Next runs start Nov 3 and Dec 1
contact us now at:

The fastest way to measure spheroid size

With the SCREEN Cell3iMager Neo, InSphero now offers the fastest spheroid-optimized bright field imager at a price every lab can afford. In less than 2 minutes per plate, Neo rapidly determines diameter, area, pseudo volume, and circularity of individual spheroids without disrupting spheroid biology.”y. Compatible with InSphero GravityTRAPâ„¢ ULA Plates and GravityPLUSâ„¢ Hanging Drop 3D System

Learn about the Neo in our updated on-demand webinar
3D202 -  Morphological Profiling of 3D Multicellular Tumor Spheroids (MCTS) with the Cell3iMager 


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TEDD Annual Meeting 2015
In 2010 the co-founders ZHAW and InSphero AG launched the TEDD competence centre with funding from the Gebert-Rüf Foundation (BREF 2010). In the past 5 years the TEDD network has established itself and successfully promoted 3D cell culture activities. Company visits, workshops and symposia with both industrial and academic partners have been organized and several network projects started using the platform. Currently, 8 network projects funded by the Swiss government are running successfully.

This year's meeting will focus on Moving 3D Cell Cultures from Bench to Practice.

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InSphero Team Grows

Join us in welcoming a new member to the InSphero team!

Tobias Strassfeld started July 2015 as Lab Technician
 at InSphero AG in Schlieren, Switzerland.

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