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InSphero Newsletter May 2013
"Hello! My name is Richard Prazak, I’m a Research Associate in Toxicology at InSphero and support the production, quality control and development of novel microtissue models for efficacy and toxicity testing. I bring many years of experience in diabetes research, for example, in functional testing of primary pancreatic islets."

New Rat Brain Microtissue model - early bird offer

InSphero introduces a novel, assay-ready 3D microtissue model of the rat brain composed of freshly isolated cells from the whole cortical cell population. Find out more and get early bird offer.

Join our Hands-on Training in Schlieren on May 28 or 30

Explore InSphero's Gravity-forced hanging-drop technology and produce microtissues, design assays and analyze the results of your endpoints in our Schlieren labs. Program and registration here.

3D cell culture literature picks – May 2013

Our applications team has reviewed a small selection of current 3D-cell-culture journal papers  to keep you updated about recent developments in 3D.

Promega's new improved ATP assay, optimized for 3D Microtissues

At this year’s AACR meeting Promega presented its newly formulated CellTiter Glo Assay specifically optimized for the use of 3D cell culture and allowing increased recovery of intracellular ATP. Find out more and download poster.

Last chance to register: InSphero User Group Meeting in Zurich, 29 May

Hurry! Only a few days left until our full-day user group meeting in Zurich. Register now to stay fully informed about efficacy and toxicity testing with 3D in vitro systems. Full program, registration and free participation for our customers.

*** Speakers from: ETH Zürich, Helmholtz Center Munich, Karolinska Institute, PerkinElmer, Pharmacelsus GmbH, University Hospital Basel and Bern

Join InSphero for the TEDD Satellite Session at CLINAM, June 26 in Basel

Register for the TEDD special session on 3D tissue models at CLINAM (European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine) and learn about nanoparticle toxicity during InSphero’s talk. More than 50% discount on entry fee for TEDD community members! Find out more.

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