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InSphero Newsletter December 2013
Dear <<First Name>>,

We'd like to thank you for your kind cooperation in 2013,
and for helping to make it a brilliant year for InSphero.
To you, your team and your family, we wish
a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Your InSphero Team
InSphero team December 2013. We grabbed everyone we could for this photo and the others you can find here …

InSphero recognized as number 1 vendor in 2013

In the global benchmarking study on 3D cell culture technologies undertaken by HTStec, InSphero was recognized as the leading vendor in the market of assay-ready 3D constructs and outsourced services. When survey respondents were thinking of these constructs and services InSphero most came to their mind. When it came to approaches to the automation of 3D cell culture, respondents were also most aware of InSphero's patented GravityPLUS™ platform. This platform makes production and culturing of own 3D microtissues possible, in standard formats and at low costs. The industry-wide survey was carried out in July 2013 with the aim to comprehensively document continuing interest in, experience gained and progress made in applying 3D cell culture technologies in academic research, drug discovery and tissue engineering/regenerative medicine settings, and to understand future purchasing preferences. To obtain a free copy of report’s executive summary or details of how to purchase the full report please email info@htstec.com.
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