InSphero can help you launch your moonshot for a cancer cure and evaluate the most biologically relevant 3D liver models for DILI testing.
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April 2016 

Hi Manu,

InSphero recently celebrated its seventh anniversary as a trailblazing innovator in 3D biotechnology. A lot has happened since we introduced our first hanging drop plate. We've built a dedicated team of 3D experts and developed a suite of comprehensive 3D solutions for oncology and toxicology to help you work smarter and discover faster. We've earned acclaim for our innovation in Europe, and now have established a base in the US to better serve our customers in North America. This year, our birthday wish is for you, as our partner in advancing 3D biosciences.  We hope our products and services continue to make your job easier and your research more relevant. Thank you for InSpiring us!

In this month's newsletter, we'll give you a preview of what we've got planned for AACR 2016. We'll also show you how to get started with DILI evaluation and suggest a recent review paper on high-throughput screening techniques to add to your reading stack.  


Shoot for the moon at AACR 2016

The AACR 2016 theme is "Delivering Cures Through Cancer Science," and a cameo appearance by United States Vice President Joe Biden, head of the US Cancer Moonshot 2020 initiative, will surely boost the energy level at the largest gathering of cancer researchers on planet Earth!  If you're bound for the Big Easy to attend AACR, stop by our posters during the Sunday afternoon session, and visit the InSphero booth (#1912) to learn more about our 3D solutions for oncology. Your mission to deliver cures will go smoothly as planned when you leverage our tumor spheroid models and 3D expertise. Start exploring now with our AACR preview.  


Get Started with DILI Testing in 3D

The world’s leading pharmaceutical companies have integrated InSphero 3D InSight™ Liver Microtissues into their DILI testing. Now you can upgrade to the most biologically relevant in vitro DILI testing models available, without long learning curves or quality gaps typically associated with implementing new techniques. Don't wait to integrate. Follow our three easy steps to 3D Integration and choose from kit and service options that enable you to quickly assess the power and utility of our multi-donor microtissues for DILI detection.


High-throughput imaging technology for drug discovery in 3D 

Get up to speed on state-of-the-art techniques for phenotypic high-throughput imaging (HTI) and high-content screening (HCS) of 3D organotypic tumor models. This recent review article from the LaBarbera lab at the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences discusses technological advances that are transforming the field as well as practical applications for 3D HTI and HCS in preclinical drug discovery and development. Additional resources you may find helpful include: Contact one of our 3D experts to discuss the best, most cost-effective HTI and HCS options for your research plan and budget.
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