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Customer case: 3D microtissue growth and drug response

InSphero 3D microtissues  in “Biotechnology Journal”

InSphero is ISO 9001 certified!

InSphero workshop on Feb 27 in Copenhagen, DK

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Customer case study: 3D microtissue growth and drug response – virtual and in vitro models
InSphero’s customer Physiomics PLC develops computational systems-biology models to predict and understand cancer drug efficacy from pre-clinical research to clinical development. The Oxford (UK)-based company has created detailed mathematical models incorporating the most important molecular events taking place during the human cell cycle and apoptosis processes.
In 2011, Physiomics selected InSphero 3D tumor microtissues  for validating its Virtual Tumor™ model. First results emerging from this exciting collaboration were recently published by Physiomics at the international EORTC-NCI-ASCO Annual Meeting on ‘Molecular Markers in Cancer’. InSphero and Physiomics have developed an in vitro microtissue model for MX-1, and Physiomics adapted the existing xenograft Virtual Tumor™ to simulate the growth of this microtissue and its responses to an antineoplastic agent. This was followed by successful extrapolation from microtissue to xenograft.
For details about this successful application of InSphero’s technology, you can find the poster as a PDF here.

InSphero 3D microtissues featured in “Biotechnology Journal”
In the December 2011 issue of Wiley’s Biotechnology Journal, InSphero researchers Maren Drewitz, Jens Kelm and others report on automated production and drug-sensitivity testing of scaffold-free 3D spherical tumor microtissues. Using InSphero’s patent-pending GravityPLUS™ hanging-drop technology, spheroids from six different cell lines were produced with less than 5% variation in diameter on a Hamilton Nimbus robotic platform. Using a HCT116 colon-cancer model, assay reproducibility and IC50 values of staurosporine and chlorambucil were evaluated. The GravityPLUS system ensured a consistency comparable to established 2D cell-based assays. The full paper is available here. A brief description about InSphero and its product offering was published in the same journal here. Please don’t miss InSphero's stunning microtissue image on the front cover of the journal, showing a HCT116 microtissue stained for integrin, cytoskeleton and nuclei!

InSphero is ISO 9001 certified!
We are proud to announce that InSphero is the first supplier of assay-ready 3D microtissue spheroids and cell-culture plates to receive an ISO 9001:2008 certification for its Quality Management System. With the stringent regulatory boundary conditions of its customers in mind, InSphero demonstrates its commitment to fulfilling its customers’ quality expectations on a worldwide level. “Our team has worked hard to achieve this internationally recognized certification. As a result, our customers can now count on a partner with a proven and established organization to meet and exceed their expectations for quality products and services”, says CEO Jan Lichtenberg.

Invitation to InSphero workshop “Compound de-risking with 3D-cell-culture systems” – Feb 27 in Copenhagen, DK
Become fully acquainted with the technical and cost issues involved in the implementation of 3D in vitro models for high-throughput toxicological and efficacy studies by attending an InSphero workshop. A short hands-on session with InSphero's automation compatible GravityPLUS™ system is included in the program. The next half-day workshop will take place in

- Copenhagen, DK, on February 27, 2012.

Program details, registration information and other details are available here.
* Free registration for all members of Medicon Valley Alliance, find details here!*

Meet InSphero at upcoming fairs & conferences in Europe and USA
Meet the InSphero team at following fairs & conferences to learn how scaffold-free organotypic 3D microtissues, and 3D optimized assays, are boosting the process of drug discovery and development.
To arrange a meeting or a webinar please send us an E-mail.

Bring your expertise in sales management or sales support to InSphero – join our growing team!
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to further grow our sales activities. If you would relish a new challenge in an entrepreneurial and fast-growing company, we would like to hear from you! Please find the full job advertisements here.
About InSphero

InSphero is a leading supplier of organotypic, biological in-vitro 3D microtissues for highly predictive drug testing. The company, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, currently counts 6 of the top ten global pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies as customers, and is helping them implement the company’s patent-pending microtissue technology in their development work-flow. InSphero’s 3D microtissues are scaffold free, highly reproducible and delivered in an automation-compatible 96-well format to replace conventional 2D cell assays for better biological relevance and predictivity. The 3D cancer microtissues reflect tumor physiology and are used routinely for screening. For toxicology and metabolics applications, rat and human 3D liver microtissues predict even rare cases of idiosyncratic toxicology and remain viable for more than 5 weeks for chronic studies. InSphero’s off-the-shelf portfolio of assay-ready microtissues is complemented by custom-made 3D microtissues with a development time of 4-6 weeks and production turnaround of less than 10 days.
InSphero is a spin-off company of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich and the University Zurich. The company was recognized for its scientific and commercial achievements with a number of awards, including the VentureKick award, Heuberger Entrepreneurial Award, CTIstartup certification and the SLAS New Product Award (NPA) 2011 Designation.

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