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A place in History at the Manuka Oval – Prime Minister’s XI Vs Sri Lanka -15th February 2017




A migrant job seeker’s struggle in Australia: how to guide yourself


Are you a migrant? Have you ever struggled to find a job, or –if you are a new migrant – are you struggling at the moment to find a job? You may have seen stories on the TV news or read it in newspapers that qualified migrants, failing to get a job in their field, are working in jobs that are below their skills and qualifications. These types of stories surely don’t boost your morale, do they?

Well, if you did not have to struggle, you are either very lucky or probably there are not many skilled people in your field of work. However, the number of lucky people, as common sense dictates, are always a few. I am a migrant and when I was new to Australia I had to struggle a lot to find a suitable job. So I am keen to share some of my learnings with you in case you find these of any help.

Now let me make one point clear: I am not a super successful person (the likes of Harry Triguboff or  Maha Sinnathamby or Tan Le). I am a very common place person (more like a next door neighbour) and probably that’s why you will be able to relate to my learning points more than to the lessons from super successful people. Success for me is a very heavy term. Instead I will, as befits a commonplace man, use the word ‘achievement’. Like you I have also struggled to find a job (not that I do not struggle no; for most migrants, the struggle is never over), received rejections, became upset, but then I continued my search and eventually managed to have some ‘achievements’. …



Compiled by Victor Melder


Approximately 27,873 new cancer patients had registered with the main cancer treatment centres affiliated to nine hospitals in the country last year, to the National Cancer Control Programme. Addressing the media at the Health Education Bureau (HEB) to announce the ‘World Cancer Day’, commemorated the world over on Saturday (04), Consultant Community Physician of the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) Dr. Suraj Perera said however that that the figures that had been taken from the nine centres treating patients with cancer could be flawed. Some of those patients were suspect cases as well as those who had registered themselves in two or three hospitals. Dr Perera responding to a question regarding the incidence of cancer in the country said that according to the National Cancer Register in 1995 the number of cases detected had been 5012 while they had increased to 16,963 by 2010. This may be due to several reasons which include the fact that Sri Lanka had an aging population, the increase in the number of patients being screened and the increasing number of cancer patients seeking treatment. He said that breast cancers comprised 26.8 per cent of all female cancers in the country while oral, lip and pharynx cancers comprised 24 per cent of all male cancers. Director NCCP, Dr Sudath Samaraweera said the Epidemiology unit had initiated a Human Papiloma Virus (HPV) vaccination programme for school girls this year. The HPV vaccine was administered to prevent cervical cancer – another cancer common among Sri Lankan women. (Daily Island 2.1.2017)



STCF Autumn Fete 2017 – Sydney



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Invitation: Invest Sri Lanka Forums in Sydney

Invitation: Invest Sri Lanka Forums in Melbourne

Black and Gold Masquerade Ball

Jana Sevana 2017

Foundation Supporting a National Trauma Service in Sri Lanka Inc. (Project
BEAP) & The ConChord Choir presents Timeless Classics Concert

Tele Tharu Rayak Concert

Sinhabahu – Drama

Movie – Aloko Udapadi

Bathiya N Santhush Up close & Personal Tour 2017

"AMA DAHARA  2017" The Dance Extravaganza

Srilankan New Year Festival

Razzle Dazzle

Gayu Gee – Music Concert

Werribee Sri Lankan New Year

Glimpse of Glamour ’17

Mathaka Suwanda

Gamen Liyumak - Get Together

Food Fair & Musical Evening


Autumn Breeze


Sri Lanka Business News – Biz 1st Review 360 TV1 03rd March 2017




by Desmond Kelly “the Star of eLanka!”

Another Latin/Swing song composed by someone who, through life, has met many such angels. This is why, I suppose, most entertainers, bandsmen, us men, (especially), musicians & composers, cannot seem to “settle down” to a normal life expected in the “happily-married stakes”. I have just been watching a “doco” on one of the top-most, technically-perfect, singers of our time, Frank Sinatra. He was “linked” romantically with at least half a dozen beautiful American women, including Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall & who can ever forget Ava Gardner? . Beautiful, to the enth degree.




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Heart healthy Diet in a nut-shell

Written by Dr Harold Gunatillake-health writer

This Mantra should be registered in your memory – both partners preparing daily foods for them. Forget the diet fads around and learn the basics- you’ll not go wrong.
The bottom line of a heart healthy diet is one that’s high in fruits (diabetics should restrict), dark vegetables (green leafy), whole grains (unprocessed rice and wheat products), legumes (lentils), and include less than a handful of nuts daily. The diet may include limited amounts of lean meat, fish twice a week, low-fat and non-fat dairy products, monounsaturated oils like olive oil and polyunsaturated oils of omega-3 types like canola, and flaxseed oil, and saturated virgin coconut oil (disputed) for cooking. Limit using polyunsaturated omega-6 type of oils like vegetable and corn oils for cooking, saturated (butter) and trans-fat (margarine), less added salt, and sugars other than the natural, and processed refined grains like white rice and white bread. Avoid routine deserts like ice cream, fruit salads with added sugar, puddings and cakes.


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Luther Vandross Dance with My Father Live Performance


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Magic eight haul reward for hard work: Lyon


Brett Lee previews the second Test




Half The Sky – Valentine Perera

About the Author – Valentine Perera

Valentine Perera left Ceylon to live and work in London in the mid-1960s after getting a degree in Classics from the University of Ceylon. These days, like a migratory bird chasing the sun, he flies from London to Sydney when the leaves begin to fall and returns as the darling buds of May bloom again on Hampstead Heath.
If you enjoyed this book, please consider leaving a review on theelanka website (you can add comments at the bottom of this page in the ‘comments’ section)

You are also welcome to contact Valentine on:   or  +61 0499 764 827
The book will cost $20 including postage within Australia. Buyers can pay by Paypal using their credit/debit cards. Valentine’s Paypal account is

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Book Launch – Golden Rays on the Dark Moon



Tastes of Sri Lanka – Recipes by Curry Mad

Recipes by Curry Mad
eLanka are proud to be associated with ‘Curry Mad’ to bring you a small selection out of this great recipe eBook. Visit the Curry Mad page on eLanka


1    Small tin    *Baked Beans
1 Medium    *Brown Onion
1    Tblsp    *Chilli flakes
2    Slices    *Ripe Mango
1    Tblsp    Cooking Oil
1    Sprig    Curry Leaves
1/2    Lime/Lemon
        Pepper & Salt to taste
1    Slice    Salmon


*Optional ingredients

Cut the Curry Leaves into small pieces. If using Brown Onion, cut this also into smallish rings. Rub the Curry Leaves, Chilli flakes and Onion into the fish and put aside for about 10-15 minutes.

Using a flat fry pan, heat the Cooking Oil and add the Fish, Onion, and Chilli. When almost done, add the Baked Beans. Add Salt and Pepper to taste and serve. Squeeze the Lime or Lemon over. `Garnish’ with slices of Ripe Mango.



        *Green Chilli Paste
1    Tblsp    *Apple Cider Vinegar
300g    *Green Chillies
1    Tsp    Salt, or to taste
2    Tblsp    *Sugar
1    Packet    Pappadums


You can use any type of Pappadums, the strips or cut the round ones to suit the size you choose.

The `topping' is just about anything you want to use. To keep it simple, I have used some *Green Chilli Paste', and some Cheese. Make the Green Chilli Paste by blending all the * ingredients together to create the paste.

I put the Pappadums into the microwave oven for a minute, cut the Cheese into strips and topped the strips up with the *Green Chilli Paste'. Then I put the thin strips of Cheese and put them back into the Microwave oven for a further 20 seconds, to melt the Cheese. I then topped up the Cheese with the `Green Chilli Paste'.

This is only a suggestion, You can use minced meat, fish or other seafood to create a Topping, it is only restricted to your imagination!

I think that 'Recipes' are merely ideas to be experimented with; go ahead and enjoy YOUR experiment!


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Arcare Aged care


Accommodation – Sri Lanka – Ratmalana – Homestay on the Fourth

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