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What does a Snowflake really look like?
In 1885, Wilson Bentley was the first person to ever photograph an individual snowflake.
As you can see from his photographs, they are all totally different. How they form depends on the air pressure, the cold, and how far they have fallen... 
(p.s. click on the snowflakes to read some fun facts by the official Snowflake Study)
To me, an Ice Hotel is more a bucket list item, than a fun vacation.
I can admire the sheer amount of work, science and architecture that goes into it's construction, but I wouldn't like to stay in one for long. Despite the fireplaces, hot drinks and blankets on the bed, it is still really, really, really cold.
But, they are pretty amazing, so here are six for you to consider next time you are thinking about a unique Winter vacation.

Welcome Back to the blue giraffe newsletter! With the temperature dropping in the Northern Hemisphere, I thought it would be fun to write about the cold! 
In fact, writing about the cold, made be feel even colder, which kind of shows the power of subliminal messaging; I honestly couldn't stay warm as a I researched the pieces for this newsletter.
So, maybe, the first thing you should do if you are feeling cold, is to look at photographs of sunny beaches? But, before you Google sunny beaches , take a look at some great ways to enjoy the cold (including the amazing Ice Hotel in the main photograph).
Have a lovely (not too cold) month!

p.s. As always, click on the pictures for the link, or drop me an email for more information. 
Easy-to-make, delicious (and healthier than store-bought). 
Leave it to Martha to come up with 60 amazing ideas. Everything from ice cream sundaes to frozen cupcakes can be found just be clicking on the popsicles.
(Most can be made with ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen). 
Rumor has it...
that open-flame fireplaces will soon be banned from all new construction in the United States.
How do you heat your home? What do you think of this proposal? Are we moving away from natural energy, instead of towards it? And, more importantly, where will all those Stockings hang? (click on the stocking to find out).
Take 5
....... ways to have fun in the snow!
Warming up (on the cheap)
BUBBLE WRAP to the inside of your windows.
When you have finished cooking or baking, leave the oven door open to heat the house.
Stop drafts with DIY DRAFT-STOPPERS.
Stay toasty warm with a "FOREVER LAZY" suit.
Did you know you could make your own snow?
Just click on the snowman to find out how)

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