great English learning resources, hilarious videos, some crazy language facts, and an update on prices

The snow and ice has melted..

and we're looking forward to welcoming a fabulous group of students, old and new, this Easter. The school has been renovated, daffoldils are in the garden, and Estrid, Martin, Alex and the team are ready to go.

This month, we've got great links to innovative video and games-based English self-study, a brilliant poster on the craziness of English, a couple of videos that will make you 'laugh your socks off', and a prices update... Read on!

What you'll get at ECHO this Easter

1. Great courses
2. Great activities
3. Great teachers
4. Small classes
5. Rapid learning
6. New friends
7. Easter egg hunts

And an unforgettable experience!

Courses booking fast for Easter and Summer. Reserve a place now.
English is a crazy language!

Crazy English...

In what other language, do people RECITE at a PLAY and PLAY at a RECITAL....We have NOSES that RUN and FEET that SMELL....There is no HAM in HAMBURGER; neither APPLE nor PINE in PINEAPPLE...

And if a VEGETARIAN eats VEGETABLES, what does a HUMANITARIAN eat?!

Click on the image to get all these and more.
Watch English Attack!

Free English Learning Resources

English Attack! is a new site designed for English learners, aged 13 to 30.

It uses movie clips, songs, games, and an online learning community to make self-study a truly enjoyable experience.

Try it out and see what you think. There's loads of free materials.

And if you'd like Premium Membership at only €7 a month, contact us.

ECHO Prices

On March 1st, ECHO prices will rise by 5% in line with inflation.

With rising global costs, especially in food and energy, unfortunately we have no choice.

However, we will still be cheaper than many other English holiday courses and we will still offer incredible value to all our students.

And you will still get 2011 prices if you book in February!

And finally...

2 brilliantly funny videos on learning English

Funny Learning English ad


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