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October 2015


A Personal Message from Mark Virkler

Our featured special during the month of October is our Counseled by God series. I just conducted a workshop in northern Canada with Dawn Veldman, and her comment to me was, “After trying other approaches to counseling, I have come back to Counseled by God and Prayers That Heal the Heart and I will NEVER again leave them!"

Counseled by God brings each person into direct living encounter with spoken words from God, the Wonderful Counselor. Now I ask you, “Could anything be better than daily free counsel from Almighty God?” Not that I can think of. Enjoy this story from Linda Burton: What I See Is So Different About Prayers That Heal the Heart Is Jesus... (Linda was first introduced to our ministry through Counseled by God, as discussed previously in her 11-page testimony describing how the Lord used these principles to bring healing in every area of her life. Linda’s story focuses on the real and permanent results of hearing God's voice and letting Him guide the healing process, which is the core of both these courses.) Read it and be blessed!!

As a Spirit-anointed counselor, I see my goal as assisting the client in asking God the right question, and then helping them posture themselves properly before God to receive His counsel. They share with me what He is speaking and I record what they are sharing. I hand it to them at the end of the counseling session so they have a permanent hard copy record of what God has revealed.

More lives are transformed this way than by anything else I could do. We guide you (or your group) into these kinds of experiences in the Counseled by God training experience. It is also available as an electronic and fully downloadable online module through our School of the Spirit.

God is always providing wonderful counsel.
The only question is, “Are we listening?”
"My rhemas are life!" - Jesus


This month’s special…

Counseled by God is our featured series and you can watch the first session NOW! Find details below on our worldwide video event where you can see all 13 sessions FREE online, and even purchase your own set of electronic materials for 50% off. Don't miss it!


Free Worldwide Video Event:

Counseled by God (Entire Series) Starting TODAY!

Watch Now
From October 16-28th we will be posting one session of the streaming video each day on the School of the Spirit website for free viewing by you and all whom you would love to introduce this message to – worldwide! Each session is approximately 20-35 minutes, and will be available for viewing any time during the 24 hour period starting at 7AM EST each day.

Would you please help us spread the word to all your friends and contacts? Let's help as many as we can learn how to receive their own personal wisdom and counsel from the Wonderful Counselor Himself!

Want to Learn More?

  • You can discover more about Counseled by God on our website here
  • Some great testimonies are also available at the above link!


Enroll in this interactive e-learning course:
Counseled by God Module -- $99
Or save by investing in a certificate program!
Discover “The Healed Heart Certificate” consisting of 3 modules:

The Healed Heart Certificate - Only $275

Use coupon code COUNSELOR for 50% off the above prices! (Until Oct. 31)

Prefer hard copies?
Get them here for 25% off!

New Romanian Translation

The complete Dialogue with God book has been translated into Romanian and is now available as a free PDF here. Thank you Petronela for your work!
This adds to the free collection of hundreds of books, articles and even audio/video in over 40 languages that we've posted for downloading on our website. Please spread the word to those who could benefit!
Explore Translations

Have You Started Thinking About Christmas?

We have some great gift ideas for your family, friends and pastor!
4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice DVDs & CDs – Abridged Edition: This new 10-part video series averages 40 minutes per session and still covers all the key points in the LEARN 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice Notebook. A perfect way to introduce a person or group to how to hear God’s voice!
Hearing God - for Intimacy, Healing, Creativity, Meditation and Dream Interpretation â€“ This is an excellent introduction to each of these topics which is ideal for the light reader or small group interaction.
Playtime with Jesus workbook and Spending Time with Jesus book are now available. These make meaningful gifts for children and grandchildren, leading them into their own personal encounters with Jesus. Check them out!
Upcoming Release – about one week before Christmas – Hearing God Through Biblical Meditation.  It will be an updated, hard copy version of our current ebook: Meditation – How to Study the Bible in the Presence of God (pictured at left).
Rose Guide to End Time Prophecy is an amazing, full-color, pictorial overview of the standard four opposing views of end-time prophecy, each one backed up with Scripture. Why do I care? Because I want an optimistic view of the end times, not a pessimistic view. I want to believe that God’s government is increasing and satan’s is decreasing (Isa. 9:7). I want to create a better world for my children and grandchildren. I don’t want to be down in the mouth. To see scriptural support for an overcoming view brings joy and gladness to my heart, and I believe it will yours also. The Church, the light of the world, is to be lighting cities, not hiding under a basket (Matt. 5:13-16)!
A New Journal will also be available. Watch for details in an upcoming newsletter!

Inspirational and Teaching Blogs: Our Feast for You!

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I have also written several short articles on steps in Cultivating Christian Spirituality which includes God’s Roadmap to Producing a Bountiful Harvest in your life. My goal in these blogs is to provide inspiration and training in Christian Spirituality. I trust they feed your heart and mind richly.

There will be no end to the increase of
His government or of peace!

(Isaiah 9:7 NASB)
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