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God's Voice Worldwide

February 2017


Dr. Mark Virkler
President of CLU and
CWG Ministries

A Personal Message from Mark Virkler 

"Oh how I love thy Word! It is a lamp unto my feet." In today’s world where everything is so relative, I am thrilled to have a working knowledge of the New Testament and be able to stand on it with absolute confidence that it is true, and a wonderful light unto my path (Ps. 119:97-105).

If you want a Bible school education at your fingertips, these modules include both the Word and the Spirit and they draw you into scriptural meditation. We are offering you the entire New Testament e-learning package at half price through March 13th only.

Hard copies are a full 40% off too!

Beginning March 1st, you can watch the second set of New Testament videos (covering the book of Acts through Colossians) during our Free Video Event! Don’t miss this opportunity to have Dr. Andrew Hardy, a Spirit-anointed teacher, walk you through the story of the New Testament, making it understandable to you. When I went to college, there was no Bible meditation, only Bible study, and we sure didn't cover the entire New Testament. Come enjoy what I missed! Now it is available to you to use in your morning devotions, with your family or your small group.
Video Event

We Have More Bloggers With Heavenly Gems in Daily Bites!

I know many of you love receiving life-giving Spirit-empowered blogs on a daily basis. Nothing like fresh inspirational manna daily, to keep you on the up and up.

Just in case you have not yet found this source of inspiration and teaching, you can join the 4,500 who have already signed up for these daily CWG blogs by clicking this button and then checking the box for "Daily digest": 

New Bloggers:

Patty Sadallah
CLU Instructor

Lyle Thomas
Missionary to Russia

Kathy Privitera
CLU Grad Student

Sybil Hamada
CLU Grad Student

Simi Adigun
CLU Instructor

We are NOW adding several CLU students and faculty who are blogging fresh revelation on our CLU website, and these will now be included in the daily email as well!

I believe it is a real gift from God that we can collect these revelation-based bloggers from around the world, and deposit them on your computer or iPhone every morning. What a world we live in. What a gift from God.

I recommend you scan the titles of the blogs and the ones that leap out at you are the ones you take the time to review. Let God speak to you daily through these wonderful bloggers. Thank you, Lord, for the GIFT of the internet, and for the gift of Spirit-anointed writers who take their time to prepare precious insights for us all. Through love, they serve one another with their gifts. Receive these outstanding gifts. Be inspired. Be taught. Be filled! And pass gems on to your friends who you know would be blessed by what you are reading. Spread the fire of the Holy Spirit. Be part of this current revival that is touching the earth.

I remember during my younger days as a Charismatic how I hungered for the monthly magazine, New Wine, as I knew I was going to receive trusted spiritual training and inspiration in each issue from people whom I looked to as my spiritual leaders. Now the New Wine flows freely into your inbox, daily. Lord, we love this world you have given to us. We will spread Your fire!

New in Recent Months – In Case You Missed These Gems

Protect Your Worshippers – New CLU Course on Assessment for Safety and Security

Violence in Places of Worship has increased 3,000 percent over the last decade! My name is Dr. Don Swartzlander, and my burden for the last 10 to 15 years has been to educate and instruct places of worship how to be as safe and secure as possible.  The safety and security I am talking about is not just concerning violence. In fact, that is only a small part of being safe and secure.  There are so many areas that need consideration.  Things like natural disasters, mechanical breakdowns, medical emergencies, accidents and the list goes on. Most of us know some of the areas but many of them go unnoticed.

Christian Leadership University is breaking new ground by establishing College Level courses to change that.  The first of it’s kind,  CHU101 Place of Worship Assessment for Safety and Security will guide you through assessing  your place of worship for risk.  This is a step-by-step course that will give you an accurate assessment of  how safe you really are in your church.  It will identify areas you are strong in, areas that need attention and areas that you have not considered.

Click here to learn more.

Would you like to schedule Mark Virkler for his newest seminar?

I am ready to begin offering a new seminar, on Spiritual Transformation. Having a 200-page book in its final stages of editing, I would like to try out this new seminar in any churches which would like to be the first to experience this interactive workshop. It will be extremely practical and include two-way journaling. Themes are below, and I can email the current version of the book to any pastor who would like to consider bringing me in for a seminar.
The Crucial Role of Kingdom Emotions in Spiritual Transformation
  1. Emotions are God’s creation
  2. God has a purpose for kingdom emotions
  3. Kingdom emotions include peace, joy and thankfulness
  4. Kingdom emotions are the result of putting your trust in God
  5. Kingdom emotions turn on healing genes and turn off other genes
  6. Faith and trust in God releases God’s favor, provision, blessing  and miracles
  7. Restore Kingdom emotions to your life NOW!
Contact me by email today if you are interested.

New Translations Posted

We are thrilled that with these new postings we now have the 4 Keys available free in 49 languages! God has taken this message around the world. Spread the word to your missionary friends. Click on the links below to access these free downloads.
  • Urdu – 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice (Complete Book)
  • Nepalese – 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice (Tract)

Born of the Spirit Wallet Cards

You always want to be prepared with an attractive hand-out card to give to prospective or new Christians.

Can't I Just Hand Out a Wallet Card that Introduces People to Supernatural Christianity?

Get yours today!

CWG Partners

We are so grateful for those who have partnered with us by giving financially to this ministry. Those who make a monthly donation have helped us touch many people in prisons and developing nations. Our thanks to them is expressed in a 20% discount and a free book every month. We invite you to pray about supporting CWG Ministries' worldwide mission.

Inspirational and Teaching Blogs: Our Feast for You!

Our blogs go out weekly and if you are not signed up to receive them (which you can do here), then you will find them available near the top of the right column of this monthly newsletter (or below on mobile devices). Here are some additional blogs which went out since our last newsletter, just in case you missed them:
Mark's Latest Blogs

There will be no end to the increase of
His government or of peace!

(Isaiah 9:7 NASB)
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