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God's Voice Worldwide

September 2015


A Personal Message from Charity Kayembe, Mark Virkler's Daughter

If you’ve been familiar with Communion with God Ministries for any length of time then you already know we are passionate about hearing God’s voice all day long. What you may not have realized is that we are just as passionate about hearing from Him all night through our dreams too! In fact, it’s often easier to receive a pure flow of revelation when our mind is at rest. The Bible says that when we sleep our heart is awake to commune with our Beloved (Song of Solomon 5:2). Heaven is really just a dream away.

We are very excited about our featured course this month on Hearing God Through Your Dreams. We’ll teach you about the “setting” of a dream and why it’s important, the key questions to ask to unlock the message of your dream, and we’ll look at lots of Scriptural and contemporary dream stories to learn God’s principles of interpretation. Below is an example of the Lord’s creativity, perspective and fun-loving nature demonstrated through a vision of the night...

New Santa in Town
SETTING: My husband Leo and I had been asked to lead a Bible study where we quickly discovered we were the only Charismatics in the group. Though sincere in their faith, no one else was very interested in pursuing the gifts of the Spirit, such as the gift of prophecy, the gift of tongues, etc. This left me seriously questioning if we were the right people to be leading the group.

I went home after one of these meetings wondering how I could authentically live out my supernatural relationship with God in a way that would be relevant and “salty,” showing them how walking in the Spirit enhances the flavor of every other part of life.

DREAM: That evening I had a dream. It was like one of those Tim Allen Christmas movies where the old Santa Claus is retiring and he needs to christen a new younger Santa Claus in his place. I was him. I was bestowed with the magical Santa superpowers and commissioned for my new position. Then I woke up.

INTERPRETATION: I immediately understood that this was a picture of God anointing me with His supernatural grace and power for the new leadership position I found myself in. I was very much encouraged that He had clearly placed me there and was giving me His wisdom and equipping to minister effectively for the job He had called me to do. That was great, and I was all at once peaceful and optimistic concerning the group and all the Lord wanted to do in and through us there.

However, I did have one small issue regarding the specific symbols used, and I didn’t hesitate to let God know about it. I mean, Santa Claus. Really? I explained to Him that that was very unspiritual, not to mention entirely extra-biblical. Jesus just laughed and said, “Aw, come on, Char. Don’t you get it? You’re bringing My presence/presents to the group. It’s all about the gifts!”
God is always speaking.
The only question is, “Are we listening?”
Let us teach YOU how to understand the language God speaks at night!


This month’s special…

Hear God Through Your Dreams is our featured series for the month of September. Find details below on our worldwide video event where you can watch all 5 sessions FREE online, and even purchase your own set of electronic materials for 50% off. Don't miss it!

Free Worldwide Video Event:

Hear God Through Your Dreams (Entire Series) 5 Days Only!

From September 24-28th CWG Ministries will be posting one session of the streaming video each day at this web address for free viewing by you and all whom you would love to introduce this message to – worldwide! Each session is approximately 20-35 minutes, and will be available for viewing any time during the 24 hour period starting at 7AM EST each day. Click here to convert that to your local time zone and easily create a calendar reminder.

Would you please help us spread the word to all your friends and contacts? Let's help as many as we can learn the personalized heart language God speaks at night.


Want to Learn More?

  • You can discover more about hearing God through your dreams on our website here
  • Some great dream testimonies are also available at the above link!


Each interactive e-learning module is available for only $99 each... or save by investing in a certificate program! Just click the appropriate button below to purchase the individual module or discover the “Spirit-Anointed Counselor Certificate” consisting of 7 modules.

Hear God Through Your Dreams -- $99The Spirit-Anointed Counselor Certificate - Only $600

Use coupon code DREAMWISDOM for 50% off the above prices! (Until Sept. 30)

Prefer hard copies?
Get them here for 25% off!


New "4 Keys" DVDs and CDs Available Now!

You asked, and we listened. Now you are able to order a 5-CD or 3-DVD set of the Abridged Edition of 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice. These average 40 minutes each, rather than the current 60 minutes each and are ideal for Sunday school classes and lunch-hour groups. Order online or by contacting our offices (1-800-466-6961 or outside U.S. 716-681- 4896). September is the perfect time to launch a new class so get your materials today!

Want it now? MP3 & digital video of this Abridged Edition are also available and can be instantly streamed and downloaded to your computer, smartphone or tablet.
Don't worry, if you loved the original teaching and can't imagine it getting any better we will continue to offer the full version as well!


Thank You for Helping Spread Revival!

Sometimes it seems like everywhere you look, the world is moving in the wrong direction. You may ask, “What can be done?” My answer is, “We can bring revival to our land by praying prophetically for our nation!" See our blog on Prophetic Proclamation to Declare Over America.

This last month you helped friends and loved ones experience freedom and restoration for the wounds in their heart. Because of you, almost 300 people enrolled in our electronic School of the Spirit training course on Prayers that Heal the Heart. In addition there were 10,000 views from 118 nations of our free online posting of those videos! Thank you for catching and spreading the fire of intimacy with our Heavenly Father. Rather than getting depressed, let’s all make it our mission to spread the fire of a personal, empowering walk with the Holy Spirit.

Check out this blog on an exciting new way you can support CWG Ministries for FREE!

Inspirational and Teaching Blogs: Our Feast for You!

My blogs go out weekly and if you are not signed up to receive them (which you can do here), then you will find them available in the right column of this monthly newsletter. I have also written several short articles on steps in Cultivating Christian Spirituality which includes God’s Roadmap to Producing a Bountiful Harvest in your life. My goal in these blogs is to provide inspiration and training in Christian Spirituality. I trust they feed your heart and mind richly.

There will be no end to the increase of
His government or of peace!

(Isaiah 9:7 NASB)
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